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Blackjack online

Blackjack is a game which origins lie deep in the 17th century. Its seemingly simple rules of play, negligibly low house edge, and potential for skilled players to earn serious cash, is what made this game spiral out of control in terms of popularity. Nowadays, a casino without at least one blackjack online table is like a house without windows.

Blackjack online

Now with hundreds of online casinos at our fingertips, the game resurged in popularity across the worldwide gaming audience. New, exciting variations have spawned and innumerable adaptations of land casino classics have been transferred to the convenience of online play.

blackjack online

Blackjack online for fun

Having almost any game to play for fun is an often underestimated benefit all players have today. Prior to the rise of online casinos, new players would fall into the trap of staking real money at a table without any experience to speak of. Now, you can practice until perfection before putting your hard-earned cash on the line.

We would recommend you avoid blackjack games that have been specifically constructed for fun play. While it may be nothing inherently wrong with them, why not play blackjack for fun at a casino that’s offering the same real money variation? You’ll get the most realistic experience, and you get to learn the specific set of rules the game in question has in place. Blackjack guide:

Blackjack online for money

Once you’ve gotten the hang of a certain blackjack table, you can seamlessly transfer over to real money play. Make a deposit if you haven’t already and you’ll be set. You may also claim a blackjack bonus while you’re at it. However, you are advised to only do that if a casino splits your bonus money, meaning you can withdraw your initial deposit anytime you want.

This is because all blackjack tables contribute quite poorly to the wagering requirements of a bonus. The contribution percentage can get up to 25% if you’re lucky, but sometimes they do not contribute at all.
Without further ado, here is a handpicked selection of online casinos where you can play blackjack for fun and real money:

blackjack casino at ladbrokes

Best blackjack casinos

Ladbrokes casino

Ladbrokes is one of the best online destinations when it comes to playing blackjack for real money. This casino operator is the leading sportsbook and casino brand in the UK. On top of that Ladbrokes is now exclusively offering a 200% up to £600 bonus to all customers opening account through below link.

32Red online casino

32Red is supplied by a series of leading gaming suppliers, therefore their gaming range is quite versatile. The instant play portion of 32Red offers 29 variations of blackjack. What’s more is that the game rules are compactly listed to the right of your screen, meaning you won’t have to run the extra mile of identifying them yourself.

The casino certainly knows what players want. We could not find a single 6:5 paying blackjack table in their lobby, meaning whichever version you decide to play, you wouldn’t be making a mistake.

blackjack online - 32red casino

Betway Casino

Betway’s blackjack assortment is quite similar to that of 32Red because of Microgaming influence. However, we like giving players enough choice to make an informed decision. At Betway, you’ll find a number of variations of Classic and European blackjack, including additional variants in the likes of Pontoon, Spanish 21, Double Exposure and more.


BGO’s quality of service is undisputable nowadays. Their extensive gaming library is a major factor which contributes to the casino’s popularity. While their blackjack selection does not rival industry leaders in terms of quantity, you will find a satisfactory amount of quality tables supplied by Playtech including live tables to boot.

Best online blackjack

In order to identify the best blackjack variation to play online, you must may attention to the game rules because they dictate the house favor.

Rules that favor players

Number of decks used

The general rule of thumb is that the less decks a blackjack table uses, the better your odds are. However, different rules factor in as well, and more often than not the number of decks is far from a detrimental factor. A single deck game that pays 3:2 is nigh impossible to find, but Vegas Single Deck by Microgaming is an honorable exception. It can be played at 32Red or Betway.

Dealer stands on soft 17

Intuition may lead you to believe otherwise, but a soft 17 is not that good of a hand. Therefore, it is beneficial to the dealer if he hits on a soft 17, making the house edge greater, albeit very slightly.

Double after split

If you can double your bet after splitting your hand, the house edge is ever so slightly reduced.

Splitting aces

Splitting and even resplitting of aces are rules you should look towards when finding a proper blackjack table. It may not be a common occurrence, but every little percentage matters.

Rules that do not favor players

Players can double on 9-11 or 10-11 only

This is an important rule that hinders regular blackjack gameplay. Once again, the house favor does not change dramatically in relation to this rule, but do look for tables where you have the liberty of splitting your hand.

Blackjack pays 6:5

This rule is so undesirable by all players that we’re surprised tables like this still exist. Even if we assume the following rules: single deck, resplit up to 4 times, double down any pair, dealer stands on soft 17 and late surrender option. It is still unfavorable to play a 6:5 table over a 3:2.

Once you’ve gotten a hang of the rules, hop in to any online casino recommended by us and dive straight into the action.

Live blackjack

Online casinos keep improving by the day, and live casino play is the most immersive experience you can attain next to being at an actual physical casino. Thanks to live streaming capabilities you can enjoy a game of blackjack with other players from around the world. The tables streamed from live locations and are administrated by professional dealers.

Mr Green live casino

Mr Green has always been a name synonymous for quality. Their live casino department features over ten blackjack tables, where the show is run by professional dealers. You can opt in to play the Mr Green exclusive blackjack or the regular variations on offer – both powered by Evolution gaming.

What we liked about Mr Green’s exclusive live blackjack table are the fair odds offered to players – dealer stands on 17, double down on any initial pair, blackjack pays 3 to 2.

mr green live casino


Blackjack strategy

Since blackjack is in fact a game of skill, employing a gameplay strategy can significantly work to your advantage. In blackjack, there are two main strategies you can employ, and that is basic strategy and card counting.

The blackjack basic strategy is a mathematically calculated chart which dictates optimal blackjack play. It takes into consideration probability, your hand and the hand of the dealer. Learning basic strategy is child’s play in comparison to mastering card counting, but it does have a significant weight of its own.

Card counting is a whole other beast, one that requires extreme efforts to master. Because of the complexity of card counting, numerous types of counting strategies have emerged – some significantly simplified, while some require serious work to master. Regardless of which card counting strategy you’re employing; you must employ the basic strategy to boot. Contrary to popular belief, card counting is not illegal, but land casinos do frown upon it and may kick you out.