Best Online Casinos in England

Written by Greg Last time updated 04/07/2023

The online casino sector in England is booming. One could say that betting in the UK has its incentives by the lack of taxation on the individual.

Companies are taxed on their profits, depending on where they’re registered. But that doesn’t mean that online casinos don’t have to conform to strict and heavy regulation.

Flag & Map of England

In this article, we’ll venture into what we consider to be the best online casinos in England, their welcome bonuses (with information on wagering requirements), some tips and tricks for VIP high rollers, and anything else you need to be aware of. We’ll kick it off with a list of the top English casino sites.

Top 11 English Casino Sites

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The Best English Casino Sites – What Factors Does Casino Deal Consider?

The above list takes into account a number of factors, and you can see from their ratings that we score them all very highly. Essentially, we’re only interested in the best of the best. There are some casinos that have registration bonuses that are simply just not worth your time and effort.

Why’s this? Well, games and slots have what’s known as a ‘return to player’ (RTP) value. This RTP can vary between a range of anything between 95% and 99%. But anything below 100% means that the house will win in the long.

When you add in high wagering requirements for bonuses, this means you have even less of a chance to come away up. And so, you should be on the lookout for low wagering requirements for regular bonuses as well as VIP bonuses.

Here’s what else we consider when picking out the best casinos:

We’re only interested in the top casino websites that offer the bonuses and facilities that are worth your time and effort. With this in mind, here are a few of the guidelines that we look for in an online casino:

  • VIP membership section with bonuses
  • A valid UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) licence
  • Top notch customer service (preferably including live chat)
  • Popular slots and games
  • Reliable software

Sounds like a lot to look out for, doesn’t it? It is, but not when we’ve done the hard yards for you!

VIPs & High Rollers at Online Casinos in England

From our shortlist of requirements above, whether or not an online casino has a VIP member section with bonuses and other incentives is a strong factor for us, and it should be for you too.

There’s a high concentration of VIP casino players in England, which is reflected in the generous VIP bonuses and offers spread across multiple casinos.

If you haven’t thought about targeting VIP status with a casino, then you really should. Here is the casino that we consider to be the best for the high rollers of you out here:

3 Most Recommended Online Casinos in England for VIP High Rollers

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Suggestions for England’s VIP Casino Players

Here are some helpful tips for you VIPs. In fact, these apply to most online casino players, not necessarily just the VIPs.

Read the fine print

You’ll see in our recommended casinos that there are some included bonus terms and conditions. Keep an eye out for expiry lengths and whether there are any geographical restrictions.

Only use registered and recommended casinos

You’ll find the same online casinos popping up across multiple UK online casino review sites, and so will likely be the most popular.

All of those we mention at Casino Deal is considered the best for VIP high rollers, but it’s a good idea to reach out to your peers to see who they use and to also browse relevant forums.

Welcome Bonus

It’s easy to register with a casino and just start playing or spinning, but these bonus offers can be extremely lucrative, and a great way to introduce you to some of the best England casinos. Make sure you cover all the details with regards to the bonuses.

For example, some will need to be claimed within a certain time period from registration.

VIP member section

Some English online casinos will have a section dedicated to their VIP membership, often with a means of contacting the casino to see if you’re eligible. This isn’t always the case, but it doesn’t take long to have a browse through the casino’s site.

Play the long game

Becoming a VIP at the top English online casinos isn’t an instant thing. VIPs are considered are the top tier in online betting, and so are treated much better than regular casino goers. With this in mind, a casino isn’t going to hand out all the incentives to just any of their members.

They want to see that you’re dedicated to staking your money with them and that you frequent the casino’s slots, tables, games and sportsbook.

Take the time to apply yourself to your account, knowing that the longer you play, the more deposits you make and the wider variety of casino features you delve into, the greater the chance you’ll be rewarded with an offer to be a VIP.

The Importance of VIP High Roller Status for English Online Casino Players

Since England boasts some of the most well-respected online casinos on the planet, this means that they also offer incredible VIP incentives and offers.

Here are some rewards you can expect to receive as a VIP high roller:

England VIP Online Casino Status – The Cream of the Crop

It’s nice to be rewarded for all the hard effort you put into your online gaming, and it’s safe to say that with the above incentives being common occurrences across multiple top online England casinos, they’re definitely worth going for.

Who wouldn’t want to skip the x50 and x100 wagering requirements on the winnings from Starburst free spins? Sitting at a table and playing 20 hands of blackjack in order to qualify for a no deposit bonus isn’t as tedious, but it’s nice to know that the casino will recognise you as a VIP and reduce the requirements.

It’s not every day you’ll be able to go to the FA Cup final or to mix with the movie stars at the next Marvel movie release, but with VIP membership rewards from online casinos these things are possible.

If you do decide to go for the VIP high roller title, setting yourself head and shoulders above everyone else, don’t forget to stick to a staking plan and manage your bank accordingly.

The Rules and Regulations of Online Casinos in England

Yes, online betting is 100% legal in England and is regulated by the Gambling Act 2005. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) was created as a result of the Act and is responsible for the licensing and policing of betting individuals and businesses in Great Britain.

Legislation of England’s Gaming Sector

It is a requirement that any person or entity that operates a form of betting as a business MUST, by law, obtain a licence from the UKGC, which is responsible for the legislation of England’s gaming sector.

And so, for online casinos, even if a casino markets itself outside of England’s shores, if the equipment is within England’s borders then a licence with the UKGC is needed.

The Commission’s remit is to:

UK Gambling Law Timeline

Are There Casino Sites With PayPal in England?

There’s a high chance you’ve experienced the pain of trying to get your funds back from your bank, a casino has taken far too long to pay out, or even that your personal information has been stolen online. In only a few, short steps PayPal has a solution to combat all of these problems.

Where possible, you should be looking to register with a PayPal online casino, rather than the ones that solely accept payments via your bank card. Luckily for you, this is likely to be the case with all of the top online casinos in England, but just make sure it’s a feature on their site.

If nothing else, PayPal is going to mean much faster withdrawals of your winnings. When you factor in that you only have to give one provider (PayPal) your bank information when it comes to online betting, that’s an extra safety net to keep your mind at ease.

Some of the best online casinos in England will most likely require you to deposit via PayPal before withdrawing to it. This is just an extra level of safety to prevent internet fraud, so don’t be alarmed by this.

Neteller and Skrill are also popular e-wallet options, but PayPal is considered to be the most popular. Here are a select few of online casinos that accept PayPal in England:

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The Best Casino Software Providers in England

Did you know that the casinos themselves don’t necessarily create and maintain the software behind your favourite slots and games? There are a number of online casino software providers, some new, some old, that are responsible for the efficient and fun games you play on an online casino.

Here are a couple of these top online casino software providers:

There are instances whereby an online casino has developed its own in-house software to use for its games.

This isn’t too common, but one advantage the casino will have by doing this is that it can directly control the software and games, including the games’ uptime and maintenance, without having to rely on a third party.

Slots Machines & Live Casino Table Games in England

Online Casino Games in England and the UK

Popular Casino Video Slots in England

Gamblers will prefer certain slots over others, depending on personal taste. Some online casinos will specifically promote a slot over and another due its return to player (RTP) rate or because it knows the slot is a fan favourite.

How do you choose your favourite? Is it due to the potential jackpot winnings? The number of pay lines and reels? Or perhaps it’s due to the low wagering requirements for certain bonuses? Either way, it seems that these are some of the most popular casino slots:

Popular Live Casino Table Games in England

Live casino table games are a great source of entertainment. You can still interact with the croupier and other players, all from the comfort of your home or through your mobile device if you’re travelling.

There aren’t many restrictions when it comes to the tables games you can play; however, if you’re a VIP then you’ll have greater choice and more exclusive tables to play on. Here are some of the most popular live casino table games at the moment:

Most casinos will feature the above tables, so be on the lookout for any bonuses in relation to them.

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