Best VIP Casinos in the UK

Written by Simon Last time updated 03/08/2021

When we look at the best online casinos, we take into account how strong they are when it comes to their VIP program and what they offer high roller casino players.

However, we believe there’s so much more to this element of the casino. So here, we talk you through the very best VIP casinos and best online casinos for high rollers.

3 Best Online Casinos for VIP UK Players

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Each of the online casinos listed above offers you a great VIP program and the chance to play as a high roller. On top of that though, these casinos also meet our other criteria of offering an excellent casino product.

Great casino games, plentiful payment methods, and solid customer support all feature. Just because you’re a high roller, doesn’t mean you don’t want a great experience.

888casino VIP Casino Club

888Casino VIP Club

888casino is a super brand in the online casino world. With an online casino, sports, games, poker and bingo, they have all angles covered and their product has really impressed and improved over the years.

The 888 VIP Casino Club is their version of the VIP program and it offers casino players plenty. Prize draws with the latest tech and entertainment on offer, dedicated support, getaways, cash bonuses and FreePlay vouchers all feature when you’re part of the program.

With three tiers of VIPs to navigate through, there are three programs:

  1. Standard
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

The benefits getting better and better as you progress. They’re all invite-only but they welcome you asking for details.

Leo Vegas’ VIP Program

LeoVegas VIP Program

Leo Vegas is well known for its award-winning mobile casino app, some fantastic promotions and a huge array of the best online casino games. It should also be known for its VIP program as it’s one that stands out well.

You just need to accept marketing communications from them and you’ll be instantly added to the program. Therefore, if you have desire to be a VIP casino player then you’ll be able to monitor your progress on your own personal VIP BAR at the top of the page.

With monthly prize draws at all levels, as well as dedicated account managers, bespoke payment options and invites to events, it is definitely worth making your mark on this casino.

VIP Online Casino Programs Explained

An online casino VIP program is reserved for loyal customers who play regularly. As you’d suspect, a VIP or High Roller program rewards players for the amount they play and the amount they spend.

If you’re a true high roller then there’s no doubt you’ll get plenty of excellent benefits from the casino. However, it’s also fair to say there are two types of VIP programs when it comes to the best online casinos and best betting sites.

A Tiered VIP Program at Online Casinos

The first is the VIP program that is advertised on the online casino site. In a way, it’s actually set up more like a loyalty program and you’ll often find different tiers and layers. Ultimately the more you play, the more you receive.

This could be in the form of player points which can be exchanged for bonus bets down the line. Or it could be different merchandise or bespoke bonuses dependent on the level you get to.

This is by far the most accessible type of VIP program and it’s designed to make you feel good as a player and feel appreciated, whilst also moving you up the levels and becoming a more loyal player. In a way, this type of VIP program is more like a community where you feel part of something bigger.

A True High Roller VIP Program

The second type of VIP program is one that isn’t advertised. That may sound strange but an online casino won’t just give things away for no reason.

If you are a true high roller and VIP player, then you are someone who stakes a very large amount of money sustainably. There is no doubt that you will get a call from the casino and have access to the best they have to offer.

This would mean dedicated account managers or different stake limits. Or, it could be bespoke bonuses, potential VIP trips/events and round-the-clock quality customer support.

Even online casino sites that don’t offer a VIP program would offer this service. In the casino’s back end system, there’s no doubt that a VIP segment would be set up.

What is a High Roller Casino Player?

To consider yourself a true high roller casino player then one of the main criteria you need to fill is playing with high stakes and on a consistent basis. If you are playing regularly at an online casino and you’re keen to play with higher stakes, then this should be the first step to joining a true VIP program.

Above and beyond the VIP program listed on the online casino site, you know you’re considered a big casino player when you get called from the casino and have dedicated resources catering to your casino needs.

They don’t do this just to be nice of course, there’s a massive business element to it too – ultimately all online casinos want the biggest players playing with their product.

High roller casinos in the UK don’t only cater to VIPs by offering them a rewards program, they offer them the chance to place bigger bets and essentially put more money at risk.

Limits on the best table games such as Blackjack and Roulette will be significantly higher than the normal casino. If you’re playing these games, the chances are you’re a high roller.

Online Casino VIP Program Benefits

Whilst we touched on this above, it’s fair to say that the different types of benefits you get from being a VIP player are excellent and that there are so many different benefits, depending on the online casino.

If you’re a serious casino player and you’ve made it to a high stakes player level, then it’s likely the best benefits are the around-the-clock account management and service. It’s fair to say you won’t wait in a queue to have your call or message answered.

Likewise, the extras that will come with being a VIP casino player that isn’t listed at the casino or its VIP program may include things such as corporate and VIP tickets to major sporting or entertainment events. Essentially events that the normal person would struggle to get to.

List of VIP Casino Program Benefits

Here’s a solid list of the best benefits for VIP casino players – obviously you wouldn’t get all of them necessarily and it varies from casino to casino.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

Whilst they’re not necessarily openly advertised, it’s certainly reasonable to expect bespoke bonuses for high roller casino players. With online casinos competing with each other to acquire and then retain your custom, benefits and bonuses play a big part.

The main difference between a standard bonus and a VIP casino bonus is very much around the amounts extended to you. As a pure example, rather than being offered 100% up to £100, you may get offered 100% up to £1,000.

More importantly, it’s the reload bonuses that would really appeal if an online casino offered a high roller reload bonus. This means they’re really trying to look after you as an existing and loyal casino player.

These bonuses may get extended to you via your account manager and it’s very feasible that you may need to enter a bespoke VIP bonus code to trigger the bonus.

How do you become an Online Casino VIP?

Well, the honest answer to this is to be a loyal and regular player at an online casino, and generally someone who regularly spends a significant amount there. However, only spend what is comfortable for you and your situation.

It’s much better to play at a casino casually and for entertainment and not be a VIP, than overspend and push your limits too much just so you can be considered a VIP casino player.

With some of the best online casinos, you can ‘join’ the VIP program from the beginning of your casino journey, by opting in. From here you may not see any initial benefits. However, depending on how much you play, will determine the different VIP levels you get to.

The reality is that to unlock all of the amazing perks of being a high roller, you’ll need to be a high stakes player and grab the attention of the online casino. But, once you’re in the fold, it’s sure to be a great experience.

The Best Online Casino Games for a VIP High Roller

If you’re a slots lover then, of course, the slots are the best place for you to play. Even as a high roller. The level of stakes you can get per spin won’t necessarily increase, however, but regardless, it’s easy to get large spin amounts on certain slots.

If you’re into your table games, then there’s likely much more on the table for you. Roulette and Blackjack will offer opportunities for larger stakes per hand, especially when you’re accepted into a true VIP program.

Ultimately playing high stakes roulette or high stakes blackjack comes with plenty of risks. It can also come with plenty of rewards. If you’re a high stakes player then you’ll no doubt enjoy these games and taking on the dealers. More than spinning the wheels of the VIP slots.

The Best Payment Methods for VIP Casino Players

The major thing that changes between your standard online casino player and a VIP high stakes player is the amount of money that will be deposited and withdrawn.

Therefore, it’s vital that a high roller uses a payment method that suits their depositing habits.  Minimising fees as much as possible along the way. Different payment providers have different deposit limits so if you want to get a large amount of cash deposited, choose wisely.

Another thing when you’re dealing with large volumes of cash is using a payment provider you can trust. Obviously, an online casino that’s licensed by the UK Gambling Commission shouldn’t be working with rogue payment providers anyway. However, we find e-wallets extremely useful as it keeps things away from your banks too.

Skrill, in particular, is known for its high limits, as does EcoPayz. Whilst, in CasinoDeal’s opinion, depositing with PayPal is the best option with online casinos. It’s trustworthy, it’s secure and it’s easy to use – what’s not to like.

Check out these payment providers for high stakes players:

  1. PayPal
  2. Skrill
  3. EcoPayz
  4. Neteller
  5. Trustly

What are the Best Apps for High Rollers?

Mobile casino apps are a key weapon in a high roller’s armoury. And, with a much bigger percentage of casino players playing via mobile devices, the VIP program needs to apply here too.

The actual program won’t change from desktop to mobile, but an online casino can be quite different. For us, even if there’s a great VIP program, if the casino doesn’t have a great mobile product then we’d consider not playing there.

So, what do you want in a mobile casino? Easy navigation, being able to find your favourite casino games easily, a slick product and a seamless cross over from the desktop experience. The following casinos have this in droves, along with great VIP and High Roller programs

The 3 Best Mobile Casinos for High Rollers

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VIP & Highroller Casino FAQs

How easy is it to become a VIP Casino player?

It depends on the casino – some accept you into the VIP program and see all players as potential VIPs. Whereas some online casinos keep the VIP program for the true high rollers and high stakes players that play with them.

How do I become a VIP player at an online casino?

At some online casinos, you’ll be registered to the VIP program from the beginning. However for the true high roller VIP programs, you need to have a bankroll that will allow you to bet at high stakes. They will contact you, should you be playing through a high enough volume. However, if you believe you’re a high roller, then you can always contact the casino and sound them out.

How do I become a VIP player at an online casino?

Are VIP programs the same across mobile and desktop devices?” active=”true”]Yes, ultimately it’s just a different device. The best online casinos with a VIP program will let you access it from mobile or any device that’s compatible.

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