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Written by Greg Last time updated 05/12/2023

Want to spread your expertise at online casino card games? It’s a much easier game to play when compared to card games like craps.

Online casinos recognise this by having different versions of online baccarat available 24/7. Find out through Casino Deal, which live casino to register at, to grab those lucrative online casino bonuses, how to play baccarat online and any tips and tricks to making your money last longer.

Baccarat Online Casinos – Which are the Best According to Casino Deal?

It sure is easy to register with any old casino just to get playing online card games. But, you’re missing out if you do this, particularly on some of the best online welcome bonuses. As of right now, these popular and excellent casinos are considered among the best online casinos in the UK to play baccarat with:

Top 7 Best Online UK Casinos for Live Baccarat

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£100 Bonus

Deposit Bonus up to £100 & 50 Free Spins

Full T&Cs apply. New reg only. Opt in & deposit £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager cash stakes 35x to unlock reward (£50 on 2 deposits). 3 day exp. Wagering/game contributions vary. 25 wager-free spins x10p to added to Big Bass Splash with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. 18+
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£100 Bonus

100% up to £100 + 100 Free Spins

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£100 Bonus Spins

100 bonus spins

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£100 Bonus

20 Bonus Spins
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£40 Bonus

Deposit £10 Get £40

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£20 Bonus

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Payment methods (5 in total):
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100 Free Spins

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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a very popular casino game that originated in France during the 19th century.  The game is also known as Punto Banco, where Punto stands for “Player” and Banco for “Banker”.

Punto Banco spawned as a variant from original Baccarat, but nowadays these two overlap and usually fall under the same set of rules across casinos worldwide.

Baccarat is much more acclaimed across land casinos in comparison to their online counterparts, as high rollers have acquired a great taste for this game over the years.

You can easily find stories of hundreds of thousands – if not millions, being wagered on exclusive VIP tables at famous land casinos across Macau, Vegas, Monte Carlo and Atlantic City.

What Casino Deal Considers to be a Top Live Casino?

Your money is not worth sitting in every online casino’s accounts.

There are several factors the team at Casino Deal take into account when recommending casinos for baccarat:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Software providers
  • Live baccarat and virtual baccarat
  • Alternative deposit methods
  • Fully licensed in the UK

All of these features should be present when you decide on the online casino to start playing baccarat with. Luckily for you, those you’ve already seen in this article, fit the bill.

Only Play Baccarat Online With Licensed UK Casinos

Of prime importance is the licence. At the very least, always be on the lookout for a UK Gambling Commission licence. To take it one step further, the very best online casinos will also hold a licence with the likes of Malta, Gibraltar or the Isle of Man.

Baccarat Online Casino Deals & Welcome Bonuses

Every online casino worth its weight in baccarat, will offer all new players a welcome bonus. The best of these is the free no deposit bonus.

Sadly, these are becoming rarer as the online casino market gets more competitive and regulated. The second-in-command of the online casino bonuses is the matched deposit bonus. Imagine you want to get started playing live baccarat with a £100 deposit.

There are online casinos that’ll give you a 100% matched deposit on this for registering. Before registering, make sure you look for the “promotions” tab to get some more info on each of these.

Play Baccarat With 888 Casino – Premium Welcome Package

888 Casino is one of the best online casinos to play baccarat at. It has a welcome package of £88 in FreePlay as well as a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to £100 for new players to enjoy. Check out the details below and refer to our individual review of this operator to learn more.

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Learn to Play Baccarat With LeoVegas

Why LeoVegas? Perhaps their live casino welcome bonus offer. That’s right, a welcome bonus that is dedicated to games like baccarat! LeoVegas currently has two bonus offers available. Both are up to £500 depending on the tier you deposit in.

Depositing £10–£49 grants a bonus of £10; £50–£99, a bonus of £50; £100–£249, a bonus of £100; and £250+, a bonus of £250. Our advice is to deposit at the lower end of these tiers.

LeoVegas has seven different baccarat versions in play, so go ahead and get signed up today to get playing this awesome casino game.

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£100 Bonus

Deposit Bonus up to £100 & 50 Free Spins

Full T&Cs apply. New reg only. Opt in & deposit £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager cash stakes 35x to unlock reward (£50 on 2 deposits). 3 day exp. Wagering/game contributions vary. 25 wager-free spins x10p to added to Big Bass Splash with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. 18+
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The Best Casino Software Providers of Live Baccarat

Since baccarat is a very fast-paced and straightforward game (more on how to play baccarat coming up!), online casinos need to partner with the very best online casino software providers to keep their customers happy.

As technology advances, the very best in the business are throwing out impressive baccarat interfaces. The live feeds from the online casino to you at home is partly thanks to the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution, being known as the top 4 online casino software providers.

Be on the lookout for the above names when you’re choosing an online casino to play baccarat with. There are others out there, but all the reputable online casinos will partner with a reliable provider.

baccarat online review

Live Baccarat or Virtual Baccarat?

Online baccarat is fun, no matter which version you choose to play. But, nothing beats the vibe and intensity of a live casino experience. Live baccarat ultimately trumps its virtual sibling here. Most online casinos will have both on offer, but they sway heavily towards live dealer baccarat.

It’s much more immersive and entertaining. Go ahead and check it out and some of the top online live casinos above.

Paypal’s the Best Casino Payment Method for Live Baccarat!

When registering with the ones Casino Deal recommends, most of the time you’ll find you have to make your first deposit through your debit card.

Once this is done and dusted, look to use the likes of PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. These e-wallet options are often much faster and safer to deposit and withdraw through. Perfect for when you hit that winning streak with baccarat and need to cash in your winnings!

The best casino deposit method is PayPal. It just stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your details are much safer with PayPal.

How to Play Baccarat Guide by Casino Deal

The remarkable thing about baccarat is that there aren’t huge variations in strategies on card draws. No hitting, twisting, sticking, calling, raising, seeing, bluffing, jumping, running, eating… Just fun and straightforward baccarat.

Baccarat is quite easy to understand and even easier to play, but it still hosts a handful of rules you could learn.

baccarat guide

Baccarat Rules

In online baccarat, the dealer does all the work! The main thing for you to focus on is which one of these three options to bet on:

Simply, your bet is on whether you or the banker wins, or if there’s a tie. It’s so simple that even James Bond took a shine to baccarat!

When playing live baccarat online, the dealer will call for the players to place their bets before the cards are dealt. Once betting is over, the dealer will deal a card face-up to the player first, then themselves, and then one more to the player before drawing their final card.

How to Win Baccarat

The aim of winning baccarat is to get a total of as close to 9 as possible with your two cards. Cards carry different values as follows:

How simple is that? So simple, even the Casino Deal team knows how to play baccarat. There is a twist though; when the total of two cards exceeds 9, you drop the first digit, and your total is the remainder. For example, if you draw a 6 and a 4, the total is 10, but you drop the 1 so you end up with 0.

The Third Card Rule in Baccarat

This is the most complicated card to baccarat; but, the cool thing is you don’t need to know it since the dealer goes by these rules. You just sit back and wait and see what happens.

  1. If a player’s total is 0 – 5, they draw a third card
  2. A player’s total is 6 – 9, then they always stand
  3. If either the player or bank has a total of 8 or 9 on their first two cards, this is known as a “natural,” and no third card is drawn.
  4. When the banker’s hand totals 0 – 2, they draw a third card
  5. If the banker draws a total of 7, they stand
  6. If the banker’s total is 6 and the player didn’t have to draw a third card, they stand

It gets a little bit more complicated on whether the banker’s total is 3, 4, 5 or 6 and the player drew a third card:

Banker’s TotalBank Draws If Player’s 3rd cardBank Stands If Player’s 3rd card
3  0–7, and 98
42-70, 1, 8 or 9
54-70–3, 8 or 9
66 or 70–5, 8 or 9

What are the Odds, Payouts and House Edge in Baccarat

Bet TypeOddsPayoutHouse Edge
Player Hand44.63%1:11.24%
Banker Hand45.87%0.95:11.06%

The simplicity of online baccarat extends into the odds, payouts and house edge. The payout for a banker hand wins is 0.95:1 since the house keeps 5% commission of the 1:1 payout.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this sounds like daylight robbery. However, due to the third card rules for the banker’s hand, this commission is in place to reduce the benefits to the player.

What’s the Best Baccarat Strategy?

As you can see from the table above, there is a distinct advantage for the player to bet on the banker’s winning hand. Many players go into a game of online baccarat, with eyes bulging at the large payout for backing the tie and it winning.

All you need to do is look at the massive house edge of 14.36% to know that it is NOT a good bet to make.

There are some distinct baccarat strategies you can put in place to increase your chances of winning:

  1. Don’t bet on the tie
  2. Bank bet is the best bet
  3. Use a casino bonus or promotion to your advantage
  4. Manage your bank and your mind
  5. Use a staking strategy

Top Baccarat Tip – Don’t Bet on the Tie Bet

While it might seem like a great idea due to the 8:1 payout, it is a terrible, terrible bet to make. Avoid it all costs unless you want to lose more money than you should in the long run.

As you can see from our table above, it has a 9.51% chance of winning. If the book was even, the payout for this should be 9.51:1, instead of a lower 8:1.

Bet on the Banker

The maths kind of spell it out for you. The banker bet has the highest chance of winning and the lower house edge. Therefore, in the long run, placing your stake on the banker’s hand wins will minimise your losses the most.

Note, that we say “minimise losses” rather than “maximise winnings.” The edge is still with the house in this scenario, so by backing the banker over and over and over will always net you an overall loss.

Leverage Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

One sure-fire way to erode the house edge is to use free money. Online casinos pump out no deposit and deposit bonus offers to their members, particularly the VIP high rollers.

Keep an eye out for these and check on the T&Cs fine print to see if they apply to live casino games like live baccarat. By wagering through your own money to trigger the casino bonus, you can walk away with some decent winnings.

This is especially the case with baccarat since it has one of the lowest house edges in the entire online casino world. Just remember to stay away from that pesky tie bet!

Manage Your Bank and Mind

If you want to play the long-term game, there’s no point logging into an online casino, picking a random table and whacking down 50% of your bank in one bet.

Sure, it may win, and you’ll be 150% up. But, it has a higher chance of losing, and half of your bank has already gone. Have in mind an amount you’re happy to win. Once you’ve hit this target, withdraw those winnings, log off your casino account and walk away.

Similarly, once you’ve lost a pre-determined amount, do the same thing, and stop playing.

Only log in for an online baccarat session when you’re in a good frame of mind. If you have money worries, are feeling stressed or your mental health is suffering, stay away from betting. It will not serve you in any positive manner.

Employ a Baccarat Staking Strategy

You might have heard of the Martingale, Fibonacci and Paroli staking strategies. Be warned; you’ll also hear many claim them to be the best staking strategies out there.

The Martingale and Fibonacci systems are negative progression strategies that attempt to recover losses and pot some profit along the way.

The Martingale is the more aggressive of the two and doubles the next stake on a previous loser. Fibonacci is less abrasive, in that the next stake is the sum of the first two. Paroli is the opposite in that it takes advantage of winning streaks, in which you increase your stake for a pre-determined amount of winners in a row before starting the sequence again.

None of these will net you an edge over the house in the long run. Instead, split your casino balance into a points system. 100 is something good to aim for; this would mean, at a minimum, you get to play 100 rounds of baccarat.

Say your casino bankroll is £500; your maximum bet for each hand is £5 (depending on the table limits). You can always flex this amount depending on if your bank goes up or down, but at least you have a good starting point.

Online Baccarat FAQs

The Best Online Casino for Baccarat?

The best baccarat casinos in the UK often have numerous tables available from low to high stakes. We’ve done our homework to bring you a list of the top operators on our page.

What is the Best Bet in Baccarat?

The bet with the highest odds in live baccarat is the banker’s hand at 45.87%. It also has the lowest house edge at 1.04%. This is the best bet over time. Stay away from the terrible odds and terrible house edge of the tie bet!

Should a VIP High Roller Play Online Baccarat?

Yes, certainly! Online baccarat carries one of the lowest house edges in live casino games. Naturally, this will attract VIP high rollers since they’re looking to maximise their winnings as much as possible.

It’s also a very fast-paced game since there aren’t any hand-playing strategies to employ; the game unfolds as per the baccarat table rules.

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