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Roulette tips and tricks

When trying to conquer any casino game, you must always look towards a set of ground rules. These rules are in place in order to prevent tilting, making uncalculated risks and leaving the casino disappointed. The following roulette tips and tricks will help you maintain your bankroll in the long run as well as increase your chances of winning roulette.

Plan ahead

How much cash have you prepared for your roulette session? Do you plan on sticking around for a while or you’re looking for a small streak of luck before promptly leaving the table? Managing your bankroll is crucial, and it should the determine the minimum and maximum size of your bets.

If you are operating with £100, making bets of £5 is the accepted norm. This way, if you lose, you are still in a somewhat healthy state. Having a steady bankroll means you can actually leave room for any strategy you’re employing to display its strength.

Pick a strategy and stick with it

We’re not saying you need to be employing a strategy involving advanced math and what have you. Even if you’ve decided to bet on the third column or outside on red throughout the night, don’t be erratic in changing your mind mid-session. Maybe it simply isn’t your night and you’re going to have to deal with that and come back later with a fresh mindset.

Keep a cool head

This is especially truthful when you’re operating at a loss. Trying to chase losses is the number one way to lose what little you have left, as fast as possible. We all know losing can be devastating, we’ve been there. However, you need to remain a creature of logic instead of emotion when playing at the roulette table. If you feel your mindset has been compromised, leave and come back later when you’ve picked yourself up.

Know when to pull the brakes

You’re in a state where everything is working according to plan, you are winning spin after spin, and luck has never been more generous to you. The main reason casinos keep making money is player’s greed. If you win £1000, you may think to yourself “I could double that!”. You keep wanting more and more and in the end you lose even what you had firsthand. This is what happens when you don’t know when to stop.

If you are ahead, stop there and leave with that extra money while you can. You’ll thank yourself later. The next time you come back you will be in a much better state because you’ll be operating at a plus.

Know where to play

Roulette tips and tricks

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How to beat roulette online

Now we know the basics of playing roulette. But actually how to win at roulette? The number one benefit of playing online roulette is convenience… and choice. You have the benefit of choosing the table you play at, automatically increasing your odds. That’s because of the American vs European roulette dilemma. The former favors the house by 5.4% thanks to the zero and double zero house pockets, while the latter table only has one zero making the house edge 2.7%.

Need we say more? Steer clear of American roulette tables for the sake of your money. The small difference in odds can make or break your night, especially with bigger bets in play.

Playing European roulette doesn’t make you a winner in itself, but it plays an important factor when employing techniques that may increase your winning chances. In a game of numbers and luck, you take every advantage you can get.

Common Roulette techniques

Roulette is a game centuries old. Over time, a number of techniques have been developed by hand of professional
players and even mathematicians and scientists. Yet, the game is still here and casinos are still making money. As you can see, the house edge can’t be changed regardless of what people do, which is why should take any advertised “100% winning strategy” with a grain of salt.

Here, we give special mention to some of the most popular roulette tips and strategies invented over time.


This is the simplest and most widespread betting system. Martingale dictates youOnline roulette tips double your bet after each loss, until you win. This way, you cover all your previous losses and at least break even. By the 6th spin of the roulette wheel, assuming you’re losing, you have a theoretical 99% chance of winning your next bet.

Seems perfect, right? Let’s take a closer look. If you start out with £5, you have will have to stake £2560 by your tenth bet. Assuming you have that amount in your bankroll, let’s not forget about the table betting limits. They are there for a reason.

Bottom line is, this system requires an unlimited bankroll, which if you had you probably wouldn’t be scouring the internet for roulette strategies.

Grand martingale

This system works in the same way of doubling your bet after a loss, but with an extra £5 on top. Your £5 bet turns into £15, your £15 bet turns into £35 and so on. By doing this, the player will look for adding profits instead of merely breaking even. The same issues of budget and table limits apply here as well.


This system assumes your previous bet has a say in the outcome of the next bet. As in, if the ball landed on red, the probability of it landing on black the following spin is greater.

This leads us to the betting system itself. It advises that you start out with a certain bet, let’s say £10. If you win on the initial wheel spin, the bet amount will remain the same. If you are already above your initial stake by playing for a few minutes, all wins mean that you decrease your stake by one unit (in this case £10). For every loss your bet needs to be increased by £10. Your initial stake (£10) dictates the amount you’ll be using to increase/decrease your bets.

The D’ALEMBERT system is innately flawed simply because the wheel has no idea where the ball previously landed. The odds of it landing on black or red is 47,3% regardless of betting history.
This system may lead to some winnings due to pure randomness, but in the same vein – it can crush your bankroll.

Oscar’s grind

As the name itself suggests, this is a betting system revolving around slowly grinding your bankroll. It is the most frugal approach towards playing roulette. In order to explain it we need to break it down like this:

First, declare the bet value of your unit. It can be £1, £5 or £50, whatever suits your bankroll. This is important because the purpose of this system is to always remain at a plus of one unit, no more.

Now that we’ve gotten the primary goal of the system out of the way, we can proceed. The only time you increase your bet is after a win. The purpose of the bet increase is to recover your losses while trying to maintain your bankroll at a +1 unit state. Therefore, if you are within 1 unit of your desired +1 state, you are not to increase your bet value after a win. Losing bets, on the other hand, keep your bets at a 1 unit value regardless of bankroll.

In order to break it down further, take a look at the betting chart below which illustrates our points.


As you can see, you should increase your bet value after a win, but only when you are at a deficit of 2 units or more. This is because, we’ll say it once again, the goal of this system is to remain at a one-unit surplus.

What is the best Roulette strategy?

Coming up with a feasible roulette tips is something many have attempted over the years. None have managed to push the house edge in favor of the player, and at the end of the day that is all that matters. This is why nobody can define a single, one strategy to rule them all.

The techniques we listed may work in the short term, but how will you know if you didn’t just get lucky in the moment? Maybe you would’ve won without any techniques to speak of. When you look at the base mechanics of roulette, it’s no secret that this is a game of luck, and you should look at it that way.

Hopefully we have helped you in attaining a deeper understanding on how the roulette wheel works, as well as some of the strategies involved in trying to beat it.

Now once you know the best roulette tips and tricks follow our guide and read some UK online casino reviews.