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talking of bricks and mortar or online casinos, the high roller casino population is ever-present. Online casinos saw this as an opportunity to further entice these players. If you like depositing large sums and betting big you’ll find something suited to your taste here.

High roller casino chips

Playing with high stakes in your local casino isn’t the same as doing it online. Players have always been skeptical when it comes to placing money in online casinos. Especially when it comes to larger amounts. We’d like to say that this concern is unjustified. For the most it truly is. From time to time there are cases of sketchy casinos that tarnish the reputation of online gaming. If a casino on our website isn’t safe to play at that knowledge will be at your immediate disposal.

We’ve extracted a few high roller bonuses from the absolute top brands in the industry. That means you can enjoy your big betting endeavors without a care in the world.

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High roller casino casino bonus


William Hill High Roller Casino Bonus

William Hill offers a straight up bonus cash sum of £300. There’s a min deposit of £1000 – quite fitting for a high roller bonus. The bonus carries a lower playthrough requirement to that of Bet365 – X20 of your deposit and bonus.

You will be able to ager your bonus on any game, although contributions do vary as always. Slots and Scratch Cards contribute 100%, whereas Table Games start from 25% and go downwards.

Best casinos for high rollers

William Hill

Once again William Hill hits the spotlight, and rightfully so. The casino not only welcomes high rollers with a first deposit bonus. It offers a highly rewarding experience through reoccurring promos and a VIP Club. There’s a monthly loyalty bonus of 20% up to £175 per deposit. You can claim one per day, five times per week – up to a total of £3500. This bonus also comes with lighter wagering requirements of 15 times of your deposit and bonus. The standard game stake contributions apply.

To emulate an authentic casino experience for regular players, Will Hill boasts a comp point program. It also ties with their VIP club, as the higher your status is the better your conversion rate will be.

As far as games go, you won’t be left wanting for more. Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming are but a few of the big names responsible for the games on offer.

William Hill will rarely leave you wanting more as far as rewards go. They will increase in line with your activity at the casino.

Monte Carlo

When it comes high stakes tables there’s hardly a match to Monte Carlo. This online casino has captured the glamour and extravagance of its bricks and mortar counterpart. It remains a perfect destination for those looking for a classy gambling experience.

To start things off in style, you’ll get a £1000 bonus split across your first four deposits – £250 each. The bonuses come with an X60 wagering rule.

The thing that makes Monte Carlo worthy of a prolonged, or even indefinite stay, is the VIP Club. It's also known as the Cercle Club. The club has a handful of tiers; Green, Blue, Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The more Cercle (Comp) points you earn, the higher your status will be, as well as your rewards. The rewards come in the form of exclusive VIP trips, a dedicated concierge. VIP exclusive bonuses, gifts, priority withdrawals and more is also available.

It wouldn’t be a proper experience without a sizable and quality gaming selection. Monte Carlo boasts a library of games supplied by NetEnt, Quickfire, IGT, Amaya and Yggdrasil. All-together it offers more than you’ll ever need by way of choice and quality.

How to become higher roller casino player?

We’ve all heard unbelievable stories of high rollers across land casinos, whether it’s Vegas or Monte Carlo. These casinos treat high rollers with free drinks, meals, suites and villas. In some cases they’re even flown in by prearranged private jets. At first it makes no sense to give free stuff to those who can easily afford it. High rollers are the ones that bring the most money to the casino so they get the best treatment.

Of course, there’s just as many reasons to fear a high roller player. They like betting big, and in one night they can turn the casino’s profits upside down. The house edge will make the casino a winner in the long run. Yet variance over the span of a few days or weeks is nothing out of the ordinary. There have been cases of players leaving the casino with millions in profit after a few hours spent on a Blackjack or Baccarat table.

If you’re a high roller, you either have your funds from other sources or you’ve earned it by playing. Albeit the latter is much, much less frequent. Of course, this depends on how a certain casino would constitute a high rolling player. In some, you’d be the big talk of the tables by betting £5k, in others nobody would bat an eye.

If you want to become a high roller, you’ll need to accumulate your bankroll to a point where you can bet bigger. Nobody can tell you how to become rich in a casino, if we could there wouldn’t be too many casinos in the first place. Some of the most important advice anyone will tell you is to manage your bankroll. Don’t chase loses and call it a night while you’re ahead.

Of course, the greatest help is to actually master casino games, especially those in which skill plays a big factor.


Blackjack is one of the biggest hits in land and online casinos alike. It is also one of the most skill-based games you can play at a casino. You can begin mastering Blackjack by learning basic strategy, which covers most of what needs to be known about this game. You could then tackle on the complex system of card counting. It can overthrow the house edge in land casinos, given the right circumstances.

You can take a look at our easy Blackjack guide if you’re interested in this intricate card game.

How to play blackjack


For table game lovers, Craps is the absolute champion when it comes to trying to make money. The game boasts the lowest house edge, which even goes to an absolute zero in some bet scenarios. The game is also renowned for its complexity because of the wide variety of bets you can place.  Even the basic game rules can be challenging to master at first.


When it comes to Baccarat, there isn’t much to learn about the game, as the outcome comes down to a simple coin flip. Baccarat is by far a high roller’s favorite game. That's because of the absurd limits it offers across land casinos – even up to £250,000 per hand.

High roller casinos in Vegas

Vegas is without a doubt the most recognizable gambling hub in the world. Even though there’s more than a handful of them. The general atmosphere this city creates is hardly matched, whether you’re looking to hit up a casino or have fun. This fabled city is also home to the greatest casinos in the world. It also hosts the greatest high rollers you could imagine.

MGM Grand

The MGM grand is famed in Vegas because of The Mansion, which is actually a casino within a casino. Although The Mansion is opened to the public, only the highest of rollers are given the privilege of playing in the private rooms. They even have their own special entrance. The MGM grand is home to several villas, restaurants, bars and a player lounge. It is one of the classiest places you could visit, with table minimums starting from £100 up to £75,000.


The Bellagio hotel and casino is one of the most elegant places you can visit in Vegas. It sparks of glamour to the outside viewers, and it’s even more impressive on the inside. The casino boasts some attractions, as it spans over 150k square feet of ground. The high roller section features great player service. Food and drinks and of course, high limit games and even slots with jackpots ranging in the millions.


Aria is one of the best casino and hotels you can go for entertainment purposes, even besides playing at the tables. The high limit room at Aria is called Carta Privada. It features tables of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, with bet minimums starting at £100. The high roller section at Aria is renowned for having one of the best looking tables and player service.