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Casinos have always had a very powerful allure to them, one that has always managed to attract the attention of those that are seeking profit. Ironically enough, those are the people that lose out the most. So how to win money at the casino?

How to win money at the casino

No, playing to win won’t make you lose by default. However, chasing losses, letting emotions take over and not knowing when to call it quits most certainly will. They are the most common attributes and ultimate downfall of players looking for profit at all costs.

Naturally, you may have heard of the phrase “play for fun, not for money”, over and over again. You may be tired of hearing it, the truth in those words will never change. On the flipside, nobody can blame you if you want to make money at a casino. After all, that’s the purpose of the various machines and tables you’ll come across – to give money, but also to take.

Winning at the casino is quite possible, and nobody should tell you otherwise. Winning without losing, however, is a whole different story. To put it bluntly, the latter is impossible. Instead, we’re going to focus on the former of the two.

How to win money at the casino every time?

Like we said, you’ll win every time you go to a casino, that’s unquestionable. Whether you win more than you lose will mostly come down to luck. In some games like Blackjack, it can be attributed to skill, hence the “mostly”. No matter the case, you should learn how to stay ahead once you’re ahead, as well as know how to minimize your losses. More often than not, this will be your most viable “strategy” when playing at the casino.

Know the game you’re playing

Roulette, blackjack, craps, poker, slots and many more – most of you are in the know of which games casinos have on offer. What most people don’t know is that almost every slot or table has different rules, some rules which favor the house, while some which favor the player.

You should take the time to do your homework before sitting down to play. After all, you’re putting real money on the line, do your best to keep them. With proper research, and employing game strategies wherever applicable, you’ll be automatically ahead of most players.

Is a roulette table European or American, does a blackjack table pay 3:2, what’s the RTP of the slot you’re playing? These, and more, are all questions you should ask yourself before sitting down to play.

Merely going to a casino, picking the flashiest game you like and playing on a hunch is exactly what you should not do, but it’s what most inexperienced players are doing. In fact, it’s what the casino wants you to do.

There’s nothing wrong with just choosing whatever game you like and spending an hour or two purely for entertainment. When you’re looking towards maximizing profits, however, nitpicking and doing your research makes astronomical differences.

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Your gaming budget

If you’re entered a casino with rent money, then you’ve already lost. The most successful players are those who know how to manage their bankroll. What can you do about this?

Set aside a gaming budget. Whether you plan on playing daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – always know how much you’re going to invest and never surpass your preset budget.

Next, you should adjust your mindset. Whatever the sum of your entertainment budget is, make sure it’s realistic and within what you can afford. You should always be prepared to lose it, so that you won’t feel remorse should that happen to be the case. This leads us to our next point…

Never chase lost money

If you are expecting beforehand that it’s possible you’ll lose what you started with, it is what should stop you from feeling regret later on, which in turn will prevent you from trying to win back what you lost. If you played with money you can’t afford to lose, you will naturally try to win it back.

In a state of tilt and aggression, thinking straight is not an option and more often than not, you will lose even more than you started out with. Never reach for your credit card or wallet for a second time in hope of retaining losses. If your gaming budget for the day is depleted, try again next time when you’ll be feeling much more refreshed.

Best casino game to win money

This is a topic which people can discuss on for days on end, but the answer isn’t as complicated as you may think. We’ll go through the most popular casino games, while determining which is the best for making money. While we’d like you to know what you should play, knowing what to avoid is also important.



The roulette table may be the first to grab your eyes once you enter a casino. If you haven’t entered a casino before, you’ve probably seen it in movies where the protagonist miraculously wins ten dices in a row. In reality, it’s very different.

Roulette is more or less a simple game, as easy it is to win while playing it, it’s equally easy to lose. When you pit you against the house at a roulette table, the odds are roughly 52/48 in favor of the house. If you’re playing American roulette, it’s even more than that.

While an approximate 2-3% house edge may sound tempting, but when it comes to casino games its far more complicated than just looking at the plain odds. Roulette is more of a grinding game with no potential of big wins. Unless you make an outside bet with £1000 and hope for the best, which is highly unadvisable, the odds of you coming out ahead at roulette are fairly slim.

Winning at roulette comes down to getting lucky in the short term and running away with your winnings. No special strategy will overthrow the house edge. In fact, most roulette strategies are highly volatile and assume a nigh unlimited bankroll and absence of table limits.

Bottom line is, roulette is not the best game to play if you’re looking to make serious money.


Worry not, as we have your ideal money making candidate in Blackjack. It is one of the most skill based casino games presently available, therefore the one you could look towards perfecting if you’re looking for serious profit.

It comes with one downside, if we could even call it a downside – blackjack takes time and practice to master. In general, you’ll get lower odds the simpler the game is, so it’s only natural that a complex game such as blackjack takes time to perfect.


The question remains on what can you do to win at blackjack. Well, there are two main strategies to speak of. Learning basic strategy should be your fundamental. The blackjack basic strategy is a mathematically constructed set of guidelines that advise you how to play at every player vs dealer scenario possible. Learning it to heart may take time, but by perfectly employing basic strategy the house edge is reduced to a mere 0.4% over the long run.

Mastering basic strategy is enough in itself, as additional methods will show diminishing returns. If you’re keen on min-maxing, the next logical step is card counting. Needless to say, card counting is only feasible in land casinos.

By perfectly employing advanced card counting strategies, it’s estimated that the edge will turn into your favor by 1-2%, assuming you don’t get caught and kicked out. No worries though, card counting is not illegal, but merely frowned upon.

As with every casino game, however, luck will also play a factor. The numbers we throw around, as well as any strategy you’re practicing, will show results only in the long run.


A slot machine is by far and away the most played casino game, even despite the fact that they’re highly unreliable and completely random. So, why do people keep playing slots?

The answer to that is a mixture of factors. Naturally, slots pay out regularly to players worldwide. They rake in more than what they pay out, but people will always come back to score that 2nd, 3rd or 4th big win. Moreover, slot machines are highly entertaining. They have quality graphics, interesting animations and sound effects.

While a slot machine can pay out in the thousands and fill your pockets, the reason we do not recommend one for long term profits is because of their high volatility. If you’re planning to make money, you’ll want to do it somewhat reliably.

Nonetheless, knowing which slot to play can play a big role and make you a short term winner. If you’re keen on playing slots, let’s take a look at what you can do to come out ahead.

Best way to gamble on slot machine

We’ll assume that you know how to place a bet and spin, and proceed with slightly more advanced learnings. The most important thing you should learn is how to identify the best machine to play, and by that we mean a slot that is suited to your gaming needs and budget. Many different slots are suited to various types of players, and finding what works for you is of high importance.

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Slot machine types

Classic slot machines

When you see a slot machine with three reels, you’ll instantly recognize that it’s a classic slot in question. Moreover, fruit machines also fall under this category as they are three reeled themselves.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of slots, they are played less as less due to video slots’ aesthetical and game features superiority via multiple bonus rounds. You won’t see astronomical differences in player returns when playing a classic slot in comparison to video slots.

Video slot machine

When we say that slot machines are the most played game among online casinos, we’re referring exactly to video slots. These five reeled casino behemoths come in all shapes and sizes, and they are produced in the hundreds, if not thousands. They are the most superior slot variation by way of graphics and special features.

Video slots come with anywhere from 9 to 30 reels (some even feature 243 ways to win) and 5 paylines.

Progressive slot machines

Progressive jackpots don’t differ from video slots, but they’re the most lucrative slot machines in existence, and at the same time – a huge cash sink.

In progressive slots, a small portion of all bets goes towards the jackpot. Therefore, you cannot expect significant wins during regular gameplay, which is why it’s unadvisable to play them for the most part.


Now that’ve covered the basics of slot machines variations, we can safely proceed towards the nitty gritty of slot machines. RTP stands for Return to Player, it signifies a theoretical percentage of how much of their investment players will get returned to them. In this case, the higher – the better.

Identifying slot RTP is a one-minute job nowadays, it’s as simple as looking up a slot’s information online. Most software creators make an effort to publicly display a slot’s RTP for everyone to see. Most video slots have a RTP between 94%-97%.

While RTP is fairly important to consider, there are other factors that come into play as well.


Slot variance is equally as important as RTP, if not more, but a bit harder to identify. It’s not as simple as looking at a number and going about your way. You’ll have to learn about slots in general before being able to identify variance. What’s good is that you can always get the feel of a slot by playing for fun.

Slot variance determines the frequency and size of payouts. A frequent, low paying slot with big wins seldom seen is an immediate indicator for a low variance machine. A slot that pays out fairly infrequently but in larger amounts is an obvious high variance slot. The former is great for new players on a limited budget, while the latter requires a sizable investment of hopes of returns.

To put it in the simplest of terms, it’s low risk vs high risk. In general, you should look for a slot with decent RTP and level of variance that suits your budget and playstyle. Many seasoned players prefer high variance slots because that’s where the big money is hiding.

Slot machine myths

A lot of players fall for false strategies and information being advertised, or even sold online by many sources. They will tell you that you should play slots have hot and cold cycles, and even worse – that casinos manipulate them remotely in order to make you lose.

Ask yourself the following, even if we assume casinos can manipulate slots in real time, do they really need to do this? How much of a dent will a player winning a £10k jackpot in a multimillion pound business’ pockets? Not much, if at all.

The fact of the matter is, casinos have nothing to hide, nor do they have the need to smear their reputation by attempting foul play. Not only are all games audited by independent organizations, but the rules are clearly stated for each game. The casino has the edge in every single game. The players know it; the operators know it. People play at their own risk, and if you lose, it’s only because you’re expected to lose, not because of external factors.

When players see an unimaginable streak of losses, they’ll chalk it up to foul play or bad luck. In fact, it’s just a matter of variance. However, people tend to remember their losses more than their wins.

Lastly, remember that every spin of a slot machine is inconsequential of previous spins and completely independent. It’s a fact which crushes any hot/cold myths.

Outside of what we listed above, you should know that only by betting on all paylines will you see maximum returns per spin. Worry not though, as a minimum bet on 25 paylines among most online video slots amounts to £0.25 – £0.30.

How to gamble at a casino

Rule number one of gambling at a casino; think of it as inexpensive entertainment! As you would set aside a budget for going to the movies, or a night out, do the same for going at the casino. You shouldn’t expect to come out with two money bags around your shoulders, but a time spent with good entertainment.

This mentality will make you a much better player overall. It’s much easier to stay focused on a table once the pressure of winning is out of the equation. In fact, the odds of you winning if you stay calm and collected are much higher than going in with nothing but profits in mind.

Naturally, you’ll want to pursue profits, but we’re talking about pure mentality here. To make sure you’re ready for your visit to the casino, determine what you’d like to play beforehand. You should pick out a game suited to your taste. No matter the game, make sure to learn all about along with specific strategies to boot.

Once you’ve done that, you can start putting your skills to the test with the confidence of knowledge to back you up. Lastly, don’t forget about managing your budget! As long as you have money, you can play. Never place bets on impulse or intuition, it’s just the casino devil on your shoulder giving you ill advice.