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Manchester United Star Wayne Rooney Gambles Away USD 645,000 in Two Hours

One of the biggest soccer stars in the world, Wayne Rooney, has once again made the news for his controversial behaviour. The former England and Manchester United Football Club Captain was successful in gambling away half a million pounds in a matter of a couple of hours. According to the Sun newspaper, the UK sports star lost USD $645,000 (GBP £500,000) in the space of just two hours at a casino table. The sum was lost playing Blackjack and Roulette.

Not first time in casino for Rooney

Rooney is considered an icon in the sport of soccer and holds the team record for the highest number of career goals. On this occasion, however, he was adamant on setting a different kind of record. He allegedly entered Manchester’s 235 Casino around midnight on the 16th of March 2017. According to several eyewitnesses, employees and other patrons at the casino, he immediately began drinking and gambling.

One eyewitness went on to say that while Rooney was drinking and gambling, he seemed much more keen on his bets than his beverages. It was also reported that he was being rather reckless with his gambling and went on to place extremely large wagers on his hands.

The eyewitness said to the UK based tabloid, “Wayne was being extremely reckless, laying down chips which amounted to massive bets.”

He added, “He was drinking bottles of beer. But he wasn’t drunk. He was more interested in the gambling than drinking.”

In a matter of just a couple of hours, the 31 year old soccer star had lost what amounted to about two weeks’ worth of his pay. It is safe, however, to say that with an annual salary of USD 20 million, he can afford to bet and lose over half a million on a wild night out.

The newspaper had also reached out to Rooney and his office for a comment but his spokesman declined to provide any response at this moment in time.

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USD $83,000 lost in 2008 by Manchester United star

This marks a return to form for Rooney, who had previously been spotted at the club in 2008 gambling away large stacks of money. The losses he had amassed at that point in time seem miniscule in front of his most recent outing. The damage for the evening in 2008 was USD $83,000. He mentioned that he was unable to control himself at a family trip to Las Vegas. The soccer player was photographed once again at casino tables four years later.

Unlike many others, the Liverpool, England, born soccer star has been candid about his love for gambling. This revelation was made public in his 2006 autobiography, Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far. An anecdote in the book mentioned how his wife, Colleen Rooney, had been furious about him losing a total of USD $65,000 on one such night out when he was gambling on slot machines and roulette.

He has always displayed a tendency for table games such as craps, roulette and blackjack. He has also been found making bets on soccer matches as well in the past. In 2006, he settled gambling debts that amounted to a total of USD $900,000. These were racked up when he had put money down on horse racing events and soccer matches earlier in the year.

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Manchester, Major League Soccer or China next for Rooney

Currently, at the twilight of his career, Rooney is expected to make his exit from the Manchester United F. C. At present, he has been relegated to the role of a substitute. Rumours are rife with the star making his way to international waters such as China. It He has also been speculated that the soccer star might venture to the USA to play in the Major League Soccer organisation.

A move to China seems less likely according to the British tabloids. The main hurdle against that seems to be that his wife. She believes that the soccer star will be tempted to spend a lot of his time and money at casinos if he was going to be working there. She has also told Rooney that she will not move the family to China and therefore, the star will be left on his own if he was to move there. However, money may trump all other concerns in such a matter. It has been reported that The Chinese Super League has made Rooney an offer of USD $45 million per year in basic salary to come and play for them. If he accepts this deal, it would make him the highest paid soccer player in the world. Only time will tell how Rooney chooses to play his hand at this.

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