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Is roulette back in fashion?

One of the oldest table games are making a comeback in casinos around Las Vegas. This is none other than Roulette. It seems to be making its way back on to the gaming floors of many popular casinos. This would be suggested by the figures that were released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, earlier last month. The figures that was released in mid- April showed a whopping 58.87 per cent year over year increase for roulette win compared to the same period from the year before.

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Is roulette back in fashion?

Naturally, this increase in demand has prompted many casinos in the area to bring in more wheels onto casino floors. What is equally surprising is that these wheels seem to be crowded by the younger visitors at the property. This also correlates with the figures that were revealed earlier that suggested that the popularity of roulette has steadily been increasing since 2016. However, the whole thing seems a bit out of place. Casino owners and games developers have been scratching their heads to find a way to bring millennials, who usually prefer other forms of entertainment, back to the gaming floors. With the rise in popularity of eSports and skilled gaming options, it seems that this simple and classic game has done a great job in attracting the younger crowd to the casino floors. Funnily, not only is roulette a common feature in most casinos, it happens to be one of the oldest casino games out there.

Roulette in Las Vegas

According to Anthony Curtis of Las Vegas Advisor, roulette has become “cool” again.

He further went on to state that “When I’m walking through the casino, there’s always a younger customer and a younger crowd on the roulette wheel. It’s a hit with the club crowd. Roulette seems to be a cool thing to do before you go into the club and when they come out they play. I see them all the time, having a few drinks and powering up on the roulette table.”

Millennials are clearly turned off by slots machines but roulette seems to have garnered their attention.

Las Vegas Sand and Roulette

Rob Cinelli, the senior Vice President of Casino Operation at Las Vegas Sand believe the game offers the right dose of strategy. He also mentioned that while the sense of strategy may be illusory it is enough to keep young people interested.

Cinelli went onto state that “Although roulette is not a skill- based game, players have a feeling that they are responsible for the outcome by placing the bet, unlike a slot where there’s no involvement other than pushing a button. We are seeing that our roulette players’ age is skewing a bit younger. So, we are seeing an increase in volume and also a decrease in the age of the demographic playing it.”

According to Cinelli, the game of roulette is what can be described as a “volume game.” As the number of tourists flocking into casinos increase, so does the popularity of roulette. Las Vegas Sands has clearly been paying attention to the rising popularity of roulette. The venue has recently added between five and seven new wheels at their premium resorts, the Venetian and Palazzo casinos.

live roulette casino

Nevada Casinos hit but roulette is fine

While roulette may be enjoying a surge in popularity, the casinos still saw a decrease in overall gross gaming revenue for the month of February 2017. According to the figures released by the Nevada Control Board, gross gaming revenue across all verticals for the month had taken a hit.

The collective gross gaming revenue from all the casinos in the state saw a year over year drop of 4.48 per cent in February 2017 in comparison with the same month from the previous year. With the drop, casinos reported total gross earning of USD $945.6 million for the month.

One explanation that could partially help explain the decrease is the timing for Chinese New Year in 2017 compared to 2016. Last year, Chinese New Year fell entirely in the month of February, contributing to higher revenues for the month in that year. However, 2017 saw the celebrations staggered between the months of January and February. While it is almost certain that the volume of spending from Chinese guests have not been altered, the income on paper has been split between the months of January 2017 and February 2017.

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