Former William Hill Executive Joins Bitcoin as Their New Managing Director

Bitcoin’s gaming operator, Coingaming Group Ltd., has brought in the former William Hill executive, Richard Walsh, as the company’s new Managing Director.

From William Hill to Bitcoin

Bitcoin uses peer- to- peer technology to issue and mange Bitcoin transactions without the involvement of any central authority or bank. It happens to be open- source and designed to be a public resource. Meaning, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system in the past. More and more companies and government authorities have started recognising this digital asset as a valid currency.

Walsh joined the digital currency company after more than twenty years of service at William Hill Plc. Over the course of his employment he has been in a range of roles. He left the company last year. The most recent position he held at the British bookie was that of the Operations Controller.


Coingaming Estonia

With his new appointment, he has relocated to Estonia, which is where Coingaming's headquarter is located. Walsh will be reporting directly to the Chief Executive of the company, Tim Heath.

Similar to his role at William Hill, Walsh will oversee Coingaming Group’s operations. This includes a number of Bitcoin gaming sites, such as and The company has also announced their intention to launch an eSports focused brand in the near future. Walsh will also be responsible for overseeing the activities of this soon- to- launch eSports brand.

Comments from operator

Heath commented on this new executive appointment and said that he was very excited that Walsh had decided to join the Coingaming Group Ltd.

He said, “I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Richard to the Coingaming team,” Heath said of Walsh's appointment.”

He also mentioned that the Coingaming Group has seen some real strides in its growth in recent months and experienced individuals, such as Walsh, would be able to ensure that it continues in the same trajectory.

He said, “We have grown as a company extremely quickly, so it is critically important that we put a world-class executive team in place to ensure this development can be sustained.”

Heath concluded by saying that Walsh has been working at a world renowned sportsbook for around two decades and his experience will be truly valuable for a company like Bitcoin’s Coingaming Group.

He said, “Richard is an industry veteran who has worked for one of the most successful brands in gaming. His experience will be vital in taking Coingaming to the next level.”

Coingaming Group growing fast

Walsh is the third major hire for Coingaming Group. The company has been busy recruiting experienced individuals from real money gaming world. He will be joining the Director of Sportsbook, Christopher Uren, who happens to be another former William Hill Plc. executive. Another new addition to Coingaming’s team is the former Director of Casino and Games from Betclic Everest, Dominic Bourke.

Walsh said that after two decades at William Hill he “could not resist” a new challenge “at one of gaming's most exciting and innovative companies.”

He also reiterated that Coingaming Group has been growing rapidly and he would like to ensure that business remains strong once he takes control of the reigns.

“The Coingaming Group is growing rapidly and I will endeavour to ensure that this growth continues in a sustainable way,” he said.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system. It was introduced on the 31st of October 2008 to a cryptography mailing list and released as open- source software in early 2009. The currency transfer service uses cryptography to allow people to send and receive money anonymously.

Bitcoin and related services can be used without it having any links to a person’s real world identity. Bitcoin does not keep track of users but instead keeps track of addresses where the money is. Each address has two important pieces of cryptographic information known as keys. These include a public key and a private one.

The process of generating Bitcoins is known as mining. The individuals, who use their computers to mine Bitcoins, are paid with a small percentage of what they generate.

Each site or individual within the Bitcoin network is considered a peer and Bitcoin transfers can only occur between one peer to another. A number of sites exist on the web to make these transfers simpler, and they are called exchanges.

Given that Bitcoin addresses are pseudo- anonymous, each member can have multiple addresses for themselves. The Wallets service provides a way to keep track of their public and private addresses.

On the growth

Bitcoin adoption and use continues to grow each year. Since 2012, Bitcoin has gained the attention of the mainstream media. In February of 2015, the number of merchants accepting Bitcoin surpassed 100,000. This increase in popularity could be because while, credit card processors typically charge between 2 to 3 per cent of the transaction value, merchants accepting bitcoins often pay fees in the range from 0 to 2 per cent.

However, The European Banking Authority, among other sources, has warned that bitcoin users do not have the same consumer protections, such as refunds and chargebacks.

Given the nature of the service, Bitcoin usage has undoubtedly attracted the attention of criminals. Illegal activities are primarily centered around Darknet markets and theft. However, financial officials in the USA have agreed that Bitcoin can provide legitimate monetary services as well.

Coingaming Group Ltd.

Coingaming Group Ltd. is a software provider for white- label Bitcoin casino solutions. CoinGaming provides a fully featured white- label casino platform that is available to operators from around the world. The platform includes more than 750 casino games, as well as live dealers for table and dice games. Live dealer services are available around the clock. They are broadcasted from professional studios using cutting edge streaming technologies. Users can deposit money for wagers and withdraw their winnings instantly using Bitcoin and their player wallets are updated in real- time.

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