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Slot machines

We have already covered roulette and advised how to win at roulette. Now it's time to take a closer look at another crucial part of casino business.

Slot machines are a fan favorite across the gaming repertoire in online and physical casinos alike. This is hardly a surprise when you consider the simplicity of this game, as it doesn’t require of players to have a deep knowledge and understanding in order to play it. Moreover, slot games are visually appealing and they move quickly from one spin to another, meaning those who are looking for a quick shot of entertainment will prefer a couple of spins over a drawn out poker game, for example.

When playing slot machines online or anywhere else, your part of the deal involves placing a bet, spinning and hoping the RNG machine delivers a small win or even a jackpot. Keep in mind that the general rule of thumb in casinos dictates that the simpler a game is – the lower your odds of winning.

Here, we will debunk a few myths regarding slot machines (spoiler alert: there are plenty of those!), but also we will give you some tips, tricks and general advice on how to play slots online. In some cases, several sites will call slot machines “fruit machines“, a very UK related terminology. It is of course coming from the first machines, that were nearly all themed with fruits. The real hype in UK are of course mobile slots, but this is not only in UK. We see more and more countries where mobile slots are overtaking classic slots.

Slot machines tips

Nobody can guarantee a winning strategy when playing slots, but what we can do is offer to tips to make sure you handle yourself better next time you visit a casino. Of course, the main target is to win with slot machines.

Budget management

No, we’re not talking about the hot and cold slot machine strategy. This is more of a common sense advice. While browsing through casinos’ game selections, you may come across video slots with ridiculous maximum bets, even up to £250 per spin. Therefore, it is crucial that you control yourself.

Your emotional side may take over when you haven’t seen a win in 20 or 30 spins, and when all seems hopeless people tend to go all or nothing.

If you lose 50% of your bankroll across an hour or two, yes it’s bad, but it’s even worse losing the other half in a minute or two. Never act on impulse when playing in a casino, remain within your bankroll and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Pick the right slot machine

In physical casinos it’s hard to find the RTP (Return To Player) information displayed anywhere, but most online slots have this data readily available to you. The RTP percentage signifies how much of your money is being returned to you over a reasonable sample size (10,000+ spins). The best video slots offer 97% RTP; you should look for those when playing.

Moreover, we suggest you avoid video slots with a progressive jackpot. They will eat your money as fast as possible. The progressive slots usually come with a higher minimum bet and have a lesser RTP percentage than regular slots. This is because a portion of all bets goes towards that jackpot.

Play at the right casino

This goes without saying, really. It’s one thing to pick out a good slot machine, but also make sure you’re staking your hard earned money at a respected and  safe online casino that treats players correctly. If you’re unsure on where to look, we can help.

Slot machines cheats

Slot machines in all shapes and forms have been played for decades across casinos. It’s natural that people will also look of ways to cheat the system in order to get rich. In fact, there hasn’t been a casino game that people haven’t tried to beat with cheats. So, do slot machine cheats exist? The short answer is no. The long answer is… still no. If you’re skeptical, keep reading.

You will see many people advertising or even selling slot machine strategies that will supposedly make you rich the next time you visit a casino. The most common “strategy” to speak of is playing on slots that haven’t paid in a while, following a belief that that slot is due to pay. Let’s clear up this misconception. No slot is ever hot, nor is it cold. The slot machine is exactly what its name suggests, a random number generated (RNG) machine with a predestinated RTP percentage.

Every spin of the slot is completely inconsequential of the previous one; it is independent and completely random. Don’t let anyone try and tell you otherwise. If you are waiting for a jackpot because it’s been a while since the last one, you may wait forever. Never look at betting money as an investment in hopes of returns, instead you should look at it as “fun money”. When it comes to casino skill games like Blackjack, it’s a slightly different story, but with slots all you have control over is the “spin” button. Why else do you think online casinos allow 100% bonus wagering contributions on slots only, whereas table games are often dismissed.

No one’s telling you that you can’t win; many players win thousands of pounds on slots every day. If slots didn’t pay out on a regular basis, people wouldn’t play them and they wouldn’t be the most popular casino game today. In fact, one lucky UK player won over £13 million on the Mega Moolah jackpot with a spin valued at £0.25! However, he didn’t win because of a masterful cheat system, but because people who win simply get lucky, as can you.

At the end of the day, if you’re planning to play at a casino with the intention of trying to cheat the system, save yourself some time and buy a nice lunch instead. You can’t cheat a modern slot machine; it’s like expecting your dishwasher to start printing money. We also have a full casino tricks article.

Slot machines Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is one of the most popular UK slots. This Irish inspired video slot machine follows an old tale that has always resonated within the UK. We all know the mythical belief of the Leprechaun who hides his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and this slot is banking on its widespread popularity.

Most video slots today are strikingly similar, as the design model doesn’t leave room for too much deviation. This is why often enough the detrimental factor in the eyes of players is the slot theme, and one of the reasons behind Rainbow Riches’ favoritism among players. Moreover, Rainbow riches is quite flexible, as your stake per line value can be between £0.20 and £20 – perfect for low and high rollers alike.

The other reason is the winning potential of this slot. Many players have come to find a virtual pot of gold when spinning on Rainbow Riches. The slot holds a standard 5 reel, 20 payline video slot setup, and it features a number of extra features tied to various symbols where virtual money bags are waiting to be claimed, should you get lucky.

Slot Machines - Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches bonus rounds

Keep an eye out for the Leprechaun symbol, because when it appears 3 or more times anywhere on your reels, it activates the Road to Riches bonus. This bonus game is quite lucrative, as you can win an amount multiplied by up to 500 times of your initial stake.

In a similar vein, 3 or more Wishing Well symbols trigger the Wishing Well bonus round. This bonus game is as straightforward as it gets, choose a Wishing Well and you will receive a random multiplier of your initial stake, up to 500 times as well.

Last but not least, the Pots of Gold bonus round is triggered when 3 or more Pots of Gold symbols appear on your reels. In this game, a number of pots will swirl around in circling motion until they stop. An arrow in the middle will point to a random pot, signifying your multiplier. If you get lucky and your arrow lands on a gold pot, the highest multiplier will be rewarded to you. Albeit, the silver and bronze pots are not too shabby as well.

Keep in mind that the higher your initial stake, the higher your multiplier reward will be. This doesn’t mean you should go on and bet £50 per spin, because more likely than not – you will lose everything within minutes. These bonus game have high potential, but the key word here is potential. Bonus games are rewarding, but rare.
If you’d like to get a feel of the slot, you can always play for fun at almost any casino before diving into real money action.

Slot machines monopoly

Monopoly is one of the most popular and widespread board game ever conceived. To undertake the creation of a Monopoly video slot is an odd thought to have, but a few software creators have pulled it off. In fact, today you will find a video slot inspired by almost anything, so why not Monopoly as well.

Multiple variations of Monopoly slot machines exist across a number of online casinos. The overall theme of the slots is more or less the same, with symbols and bonus rounds related to the board game itself. What they do vary in is the number of reels and paylines, meaning the winning condition is slightly different depending on what slot you are playing.

The most popular out of them all is Super Monopoly Money by WMS. In fact, this slot is a replica of the monopoly slot machine you can find in almost every big land casino across the globe. The game is aesthetically rich thanks to the modern graphics and enticing sounds effects, which is always a good plus to have.

Slot machines - monopoly

Super Monopoly Money features 5 reels, 25 paylines and a ton of bonus features. The odds of any win occurring are quite large. Whether it is via the Wild, Bonus, Jackpot or Free Parking symbols, or by spinning the Wheel Bonus, you are in for a treat.

Trying to explain them all here may bore you to death, so why not check it out for yourself. You can play for fun or real money at NetBet, Sky Vegas or Unibet.

Slot machines online

Slot machines, whether offline or online, have been the favorite choice of players for as long as casinos have existed. Online, over 70% of games consist of slots. You will find hundreds of variations of all types of slots, all inspired by various real life or fantasy themes.

Types of slots machines online

As you are browsing through online casinos it won’t take you long to spot differences among the slot machines on offer. As you read you’ll find an explanation of the types of slot machines available today.

Video slot machines (5 reels)

This is the most widespread and standard type of slot today. Video slot usually have the most modern graphics and audio qualities, and they are presented via 5 reels and anywhere from 9 to 25 paylines. Albeit exceptions do exist as software makers make a constant effort to differentiate themselves.

Video slot are known for having at least a Wild and a Scatter symbol. In general, the Wild acts as a substitute for all symbols barring the scatter, whereas the Scatter triggers the specific bonus round of that slot. The creators of slots have the liberty of getting creative with bonus rounds, which is why you will find many variations of bonus rounds that reward multipliers or free spins.

Classic slot machines (3 reels)

If you ever need a reference to how the first slots, then called “fruit machines” looked like, classic slots are there to remind you. Although the popularity of video slots has overthrown classic slots, people still like having the option of playing them. You can find them in almost every online casino, although smaller in numbers.

Classic slots feature three reels and usually only one payline, but you can find variations that offer up to five. The games are mostly devoid of bonus rounds and feature retro graphics and sound effects. That can be looked at as a downside, but some people prefer the simplicity of classic slots. Although video slots are rich in aesthetics and feature multiple bonus rewards to speak of, you will not find much difference in the RTP and winning possibilities.

Progressive slot machines (5 reels, jackpot)

Progressives are video slots but with a twist, they don’t differ in mechanics in comparison. This type of slot machine’s main characteristic is that a small portion of all bets goes toward the main jackpot. This takes away from the RTP percentage and the overall winning possibilities.

When playing a progressive slot machine, don’t expect to be showered with frequent wins and bonus features, because something has to be cut in order to rake in the millions towards the jackpot.

If you have your set your mind towards chasing that lucrative jackpot, at least do it right – bet on all reels and paylines with the higher stake possible.

Best video slot machine software

As you are well aware of by now, slot machines dominate the industry by far and away. Not only will you find a ton of variety in them, but also a great deal of software providers in charge of creating them. We’ve listed a few of the finest gaming suppliers around that have the best video slots on offer, in terms of mechanical design and aesthetical values. The most popular slots in UK got their own article.


NetEnt is the equivalent of the most popular kid in school in the iGaming world, and deservedly so. This game maker is known to produce video slots of absolute top notch quality. The various fantasy themes incorporated into their slots have been blended in with shiny graphics and a number of interesting bonus features that will make your time spent playing quite worthwhile.

Popular NetEnt slots: Starburst, Spinata Grande, Twin Spin, Gonzo’s Quest, Guns'N'Roses
Best NetEnt casinos: Mr Green, NetBet

gonzo's quest slot


Microgaming has a partnership with a great deal of the world’s most esteemed casino brands. Therefore, you will see Microgaming slots at an alarming frequency when browsing through casinos. This gaming supplier’s most popular slot is the Mega Moolah progressive, and they hold the record for the highest single payout in online casino history (£13.2). When playing a Microgaming slot, you can rest assured that you will find quality from all aspects, be it graphics, bonus rounds or high RTP.
Popular Microgaming slots: Titans of the Sun, Thunderstruck, Avalon, Mega Moolah
Best Microgaming casinos: Unibet, Bgo



Playtech is one of the longest standing software providers in the industry. They have been there ever since the first download casinos were released, and they are likely to remain a strong presence as time goes on. Moreover, Playtech is the main supplier of Bet365, one of the industry’s leading brands – a fact which speaks volumes in itself.

Playtech slots are esteemed for their functionalities, but their aesthetical appear is fairly mediocre. They are known for their partnership with Marvel in releasing one of the most popular line of slots today. Titles such as Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Iron man are all very well designed slots. What’s more than that, is that the entire Marvel slots franchise is interconnected via the Marvel progressive jackpot.

Popular Playtech slots: Iron Man 2, The Hulk, Avengers, Blade
Best Playtech casinos: Mr. Smith, Bet365, Coral

There are also slots, that get a theme on nearly every software. Examples are: Cleopatra Egypt, Popular Video Games like Street Figher

Slot machines bonus

By now, we’ve mentioned on several occasions as to how and why slot machines are the most popular casino game. Because of said popularity, if you are looking for a slot machines bonus, then you’ve come to the right place.

There isn’t a bonus on this planet that can’t be wagered on video slots. Not only that, but 99% of slots contribute 100% towards your wagering requirements. This is why bonuses are especially sought-after by people who play slots on a regular basis. With hundreds of slots to speak of, and hundreds of bonuses at your fingertips, it doesn’t come as a surprise really.

Ladbrokes slot bonus

Ladbrokes casino is now offering an exclusive bonus to all users of If you use the below link you will get a 200% bonus up to £600. It's a great offer for all players looking to boost the bankroll before playing slots online.

Paddy Power slot bonus

Paddy Power’s welcome bonus is 100% up to £300, and it can be wagered 100% on slots. You will need to wager your deposit and bonus amount 20 times in order withdraw.

Unibet slot bonus

Unibet will welcome you with a 100% up to £200 bonus that can be played on slots. The bonus terms are somewhere in the middle between that of Paddy Power and Bet365 – you need to wager your deposit and bonus funds 25 times. What’s more is that you’ll be given 5 free spins on Mega Fortune just for registering at the casino.

These are but a few examples of the finest slot bonuses around. You can always browse through our UK online casino reviews section for more quality bonuses.