Cleopatra Online Slot Review: Mystery Lies Ahead!

Written by Greg Last time updated 29/06/2023

One of the most iconic characters in the history of humanity is none other, but the Egyptian Queen called Cleopatra. Descendant of Alexander the Great, and lover of Marc Antony and Julius Caesar, she has become a staple for casino game designers. Ancient Egypt, next to Cleopatra, is the starting point for game themes. It’s almost as if whenever game designers have no clue what kind of game to create, they go back to Ancient Egypt and resurrect the likes of Cleopatra, Tutankhamen and give some sort of shape to Gods like Anubis and Amun Ra.

Where to Play Cleopatra Slot by IGT?

Although not as popular as NetEnt or Playtech, IGT is still around, and finding their games is not that difficult. Then again, if you want to find a decent, reliable online casino that will meet all of your needs and wants, the task becomes easier said than done. Nevertheless, below, you can find a list of the top IGT online casino.

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Cleopatra Slot Details & Brief Overview

Cleopatra Slot Screenshot
Details About Cleopatra Slot
Reels: 5
Developer: IGT
Paylines: 20
Progressive: No
Free Spins: Up to 180 Free Spins
Bet Range: £0.01 – £600
Bonus Game: Yes (15 Free Spins)
Multiplier: Yes
Jackpot: Varies
Return to Player (RTP): 95.02%
Play Cleopatra Slot Now!

The Cleopatra Slot was so popular that the 2014 release got remastered in 2017, meaning that the graphics and audio were significantly improved to match the latest trends. As a 20 payline slot, which allows players to adjust the number of active lines, Cleopatra comes on top of its competitors, mainly thanks to its flexibility and versatility. It can cater to the needs of both casual and passionate slot players. Nevertheless, let’s check out the step-by-step instructions on how to play Cleopatra online slot, without taking any unwanted steps, like spending your entire balance in one spin only!

How to Play Cleopatra Online Slot by IGT?

After depositing with a trusted casino payment method, it is important to pay close attention to the bet amount before you even think about spinning the reels. You never know what kind of tracker the online casino has incorporated. It might be a high roller one, which sets the bet amount to the very max, which in turn makes the Cleopatra slot one pit of quicksand that will eat away your cash in no time.

  • Set the Number of Active Paylines
  • Set the Bet per Line (£0.20 – £600)
  • Double check the Size of the Bet Amount Currently Set (60000 Coins = £600; 600 coins = £6; 100 Coins = £1)
  • Spin the Reels!

Technically, the minimum bet is £0.01, but if you place such a bet, you will have only one payline to play, which drastically reduces your chances of winning.

Cleopatra Online Slot Symbols & Return to Player (RTP)

As you’ve certainly expected, all symbols follow the ancient Egyptian theme, though, we can argue that certain symbols could’ve been delivered better. Needless to say, the designers obviously have put in extra hours on the more important symbols, such as the Wild symbol and the three highest paying symbols in the game. However, the Scatter is disappointing! Fortunately, the bonus game triggers makes up for it with its profit potential.

Cleopatra IGT PaytableThe Wild Symbol is represented with Cleopatra herself, whereas the Scatter Symbol takes the form of something that greatly resembles a ceremonial mask, or the Sphinx, depending on how you perceive it. We’re going to talk about the mechanics behind the Scatter and the Wild in the next section. The theoretical return to player of Cleopatra slot is 95.02% which is below the industry average. However, if you’re into highly volatile games and you prefer short, but intense playing sessions, Cleopatra slot by IGT sounds like a good idea.

Cleopatra Online Slot Jackpot and Bonus Game

Let’s take a look at the Cleopatra slot through a different lens, or from a different standpoint. By focusing on the bonus elements only, it shares the same qualities with current, or better said, not so old video slots. IGT may not be the most common name in the industry, but Cleopatra can easily mix with games produced by other casino game providers.

The game comes with one bonus game, which grants players Free Casino Spins or Bonus Rounds, and there’s also a Wild symbol, which was slightly changed from 2014 to 2017.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Bonus Game

It takes 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the 15 Free Spins bonus game in the Cleopatra slot. This sounds pretty standard to us. However, it’s worth noting that players can win up to 180 Free Spins with one Free Spins bonus game. Before you get your expectations too high, we must point out that it’ll take many different re-triggers to reach the count of 180 spins.

cleopatra free spinsTo re-trigger the bonus game, you need to land 3 or more scatters during Free Spins. On paper, this sounds rather alluring, but in reality, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever manage to land more than 3 re-triggers, which again, is not all that bad!

The Wild Symbol represented with Cleopatra, comes with a multiplier. In simple words, if you manage to land a winning combination, with the Wild symbols substituting for a symbol part of the combination, the win is doubled! Yes, you want to see as much as possible from Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Free Spins

Besides the in-game Cleopatra Free Spins, we haven’t seen any bonuses or promotions that target this game in particular. That being said, IGT was at one point big in the states, but this is of no use to you as an online casino player. Then again, in our experience, triggering Free Spins in Cleopatra is not that uncommon!

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Cleopatra Slot Conclusion: Ancient Egypt Thrives on the Reels!

We have here one of the best slots that deserves top respect. But as already stated, be careful. It is important to control yourselves. It is not recommended that a user who is a beginner at slots, play Cleopatra. We recommend you to play for free in trial mode and that, once you have learned to play well, not only in this slot but in several more, allow yourself the luxury of playing Cleopatra.

Of course, you always have to be clear before you start playing. That is, how much are you going to have to spend. Playing 20 pay lines, is absolutely necessary to have a big bankroll, if you want to have a good time playing. If you just want to try your luck with little money, you have to keep in mind that you will probably be out soon. Or you might get lucky and win.

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