Online Slot Tips & The Best Slots to Play

Written by Greg Last time updated 05/12/2023

Slot machines and games are fun and rewarding depending on your approach. One thing’s for sure, you don’t have any impact on the outcome of the spin. Regardless of what you do, the reels will stop, when they stop. Some slots come with higher RTPs when played with maximum bets, much like some Video Poker Jacks or Better games. At Casino Deal, we’ll offer you a perspective, full of invaluable tips and tricks, which in the long run will make you a more successful player, for the fun and enjoyment of what slots have to offer.

You Can’t Choose the Symbols, But You Can Choose the Best Slots to Play

You do not need any knowledge or skills to play any slot, which is great, but this also means you can’t interact with them. You can’t choose the symbols that will appear on the screen, and in which order, but you can choose which slot you’re going to play, according to the symbols. However, we’re not really into micro-management, mainly because it’s counterproductive in the long run. Nevertheless, we are going to point out several of the best slot machine games you should keep an eye on.

First, we’re going to go through the types of slot games in terms of their volatility, and how should you approach them. In general, there are 3 types of slots:

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High Variance Slots VS. High Frequency “Low Wins” Slot Machines

Although progressive jackpots have gotten a lot of attention recently, the other two will become more interesting to you, once you better understand them. As you are browsing through casinos, and exploring the massive game libraries at your disposal, you will need to be able to identify which side of the coin each slot falls under. We’ll give you some tips on recognizing any slot’s level of variance.

Normally, by looking at a slot paytable you can easily determine its level of variance. If the base symbols don’t offer great multipliers, or there is a evident discrepancy between payouts in stringing a few key symbols together (2-3 = low payout, 4-5 = high payout), then you’re looking at a high variance game. Moreover, another good sign of this is spotting a high variance slot is a rare, but very rewarding bonus game (large free spin rewards, high multipliers).

By looking at this data, it’s easy to determine a low variance slot as well. Checking a slot out in fun play may help as well, but it is advised to spend some time playing it to get a reasonable sample size at hand. When it comes to the question on which slot to play, it ultimately comes down to your bankroll and how much you’re willing to risk.

High Volatility Slots Have More Rewarding Bonus Games

That is, if you manage to trigger them! Bonus features and bonus games revolutionised video slots, making them both more entertaining and giving slot producers more flexibility. Most players who are in high variance slots, unknowingly, are so into them because of the extremely rewarding bonus games. However, as the high variance dictates rare bonus games, you might have to stick with them longer than you might expect before you see any positive results.

Sure, the regular in-game wins are also effective only if you land 4 or 5 symbols wins, but the same applies to bonus games. Failing to stay long enough in the game without triggering a bonus game usually means your balance will be lower than your starting one.

Should You Avoid High Variance Slots?

It mostly depends on your budget. If you have enough resources to work with, high variance slots should be your top priority when it comes to casino games. It’s safe to say that they’re the slot machines of choice of passionate slot players. Casual slot players prefer low variance slots, but only because they still haven’t had a look under the hood.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you. You might be the 1% of slot players who wins all the time. Other slot players envy you.

Immortal Romance – Microgaming

This video slot by Microgaming is the crowned king of high variance. It is extremely popular among players precisely for that reason. Its base game can be a string of disappointments, but the Wild Desire feature that randomly turns 5 reels into Wilds can be a game changer.

However, the true money maker in Immortal Romance is The Chamber of Spins. We’re talking about the main bonus feature of this game. It is divided into four layers of free spins along with special free spin features, all linked to each of the four characters of the slot.

If you’re prepping for a serious Immortal Romance gaming session, make sure you have a sizable bankroll to back you up.

Dead or Alive – NetEnt

If you’ve heard of people amassing riches via a video slot, but not through a jackpot, they’ve probably won one of Dead or Alive’s outstanding multiplier payouts. This is another slot which gained a massive following due to its high variance.

Dead or Alive features 5 reels, 9 paylines and an RTP of 96.8%. This slot is so volatile that it doesn’t even offer a bonus game. The free spins feature is the only thing you can hope for by way of bonus rounds.

Once you’ve triggered the free spins, this is where the Sticky Wilds feature comes into play, e.g. the money maker of this game. The Sticky Wilds (wanted posters symbols) will hold their position on the reels until the following spin, greatly increasing your odds of forming a sequence of winning combinations.

Now, a lot of video slots feature Sticky Wilds, and it’s seen as nothing special. The difference lies in the fact that Dead or Alive has 9 paylines. It’s the catalyst that makes this slot a big winner.

Low Variance Slots are More Entertaining

Low variance slot machines, or in simple words, the slot that will always give you the same impression, regardless of how much you play it, regardless of the bet size, and regardless of the time you spend playing it. New slot players love consistency, but soon they realise that their expectations (high wins) do not go hand in hand with consistency.

Even the bonus features and bonus games trigger more often. This is what we call the “gameplay factor”, lots of animations, dazzling video effects followed by adequate audio. You can’t blame the online casino studios, they’re taking care of players with different tastes! Classic slots are still around, and for a good reason.

Think of it this way, some players find fun in incremental wins, whereas others are in the game for that one big MEGA WIN that puts an even bigger smile on their face.

Progressive Slots – Jackpot Slot Machines

We’re not going to sugar coat it. Besides getting lucky, there’s not much else to it. The only real advice anyone can give you, is to bet on all reels and paylines. With jackpots, betting with the actual maximum amount per spin does help a tiny bit, but don’t get your hopes up too much. In fact, the latest Mega Moolah winner of £13.2 million, won by placing a minimum bet of £0.25.

Pursuing a jackpot is often inadvisable. Instead, we’ll advise you to just play your regular game, and if a jackpot win does come screaming out of nowhere, then know it was because luck was on your side that day.

Can You Win Playing Slot Machines Online?

There’s no casino player that hasn’t indulged in a game of slots. The ultimate answer to this question is YES, but only if you manage to increase the RTP, or lower the house edge. Now, since slot machines are hands off approach games, there’s not much you can do with the game itself and how it works. However, there are other ways, other steps, other tips which, if applied, will give you the edge to stay in the game longer!

Standard distribution mandates that if you’re on a losing spree, wins are inevitable, probably just around the corner, ergo, if we can apply science, you can actually win playing online slots. The question is not whether you can win or not, but how and when?! The when is answered with by playing high payout percentage slot machine games, and the how, by following the below mentioned tips!

How to Increase Chances of Winning Playing Slots Online

The ultimate goal is to increase your odds of winning. It’s the only straight line which cannot be bent. Unless you cheat slots by hacking your way into the main server, you don’t have an impact over the house edge. However, here are several tips, or tricks, call them whatever you like, which will bring you closer to a more effective, more fruitful play slot experience.

Bet on ALL Slot Paylines

For starters, you should ALWAYS bet with all paylines in play. Doing otherwise reduces the overall bet amount, but it also reduces your odds of landing a win. Moreover, it will only make you frustrated.

Seeing the symbols in an inactive payline is the worst! Instead of reducing the number of active paylines, we recommend reducing the bet amount per line. This ensures you’re getting the same high odds of landing a win, even if it’s a modest one.

The same applies to progressive jackpot slot machines. You need to trigger the bonus game in order to enter the “Wheel of Change My Life” bonus feature. Though, like we mentioned earlier, pay attention to the game rules, because some progressive jackpots require a certain bet size per round in order to be eligible for the much wanted a progressive jackpot prize.

What’s the matter with 243 ways slots, and slot machines which do not allow players to adjust the number of active paylines? There’s no need for concern, because this is what you want actually! You want all paylines to be active.

Get Familiar with the Game – Take the Stress Off

So, many players get frustrated playing slots, just because they still don’t understand game rules. “But there was a winning line!” Chances are, there wasn’t one, but now you’re already frustrated, nervous, and you’re missing the point of playing online slot machines.

For your information, not all slots come with the same layout in terms of paylines. Usually, it’s up to the online casino studio. When it comes 243 ways slots, you need to have a given symbol on any reel, regardless of its location on the reel in terms of rows. Take a look at the pay tables, it only takes a couple of minutes. The pay tables dictate the potential outcome, at least short-term!

Even more importantly, bonus game triggers! A common mistake which many slot players make is that they expect Free Spins or bonus rounds, with two bonus symbols. In most cases, if something of this kind has happened, that’s a re-trigger of the bonus, which took place while you were in the said bonus game. This happens a lot in high variance online slots.

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£100 Bonus

Deposit Bonus up to £100 & 50 Free Spins

Full T&Cs apply. New reg only. Opt in & deposit £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager cash stakes 35x to unlock reward (£50 on 2 deposits). 3 day exp. Wagering/game contributions vary. 25 wager-free spins x10p to added to Big Bass Splash with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. 18+
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Take Advantage of Bonus Money, Bonus Spins and Other Promotions

Bonus money and free spins are a double edged sword, which, if not respected, can hurt you, with both edges! We like bonus money because they give players more resources to play with, ergo longer play sessions, ergo more chances of winning.

It’s a simple correlation, yet it comes at a price. Completing the wagering requirement is easier said than done. In addition, there are certain rules you must adhere to, such as the maximum bet limit per line, which usually is £0.50 per line, or £5/£6 per round.

And in case you’re new to online casino bonuses, as a slot player, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to wagering requirements, because slots always contribute to wagering requirements. That is, in 99% of the casino bonus deals you’re going to come across.

In short, play with bonus money, or free spins, just know what you’re getting yourself into. There are some bonus deals with rather poor bonus terms.

Conservative Bankroll Management – Wager in Moderation

Bad ideas start with “I’m feeling lucky today” or “this is my day, going to win the jackpot!” No, there’s no way you can know that. Slot machines welcome enthusiasm, but when it comes to real money slot machines, you better keep it on the low.

We’re going to put this into perspective with a simple real life example, which has probably happened to you as well. Placing a bet with a significantly higher bet amount, just because you have a hunch, is an extremely bad idea.

Instead of spending resources worth 100 spins in your regular bet size, you’re going to lose just as many opportunities to trigger the bonus game, and many frequent yet modest wins on the way. There’s literally no excuse when it comes to this.

Winning the jackpot calls for the same measures. Play the game with lowest required bets, after all, it makes no sense to place bets in excess of the said limit. There’s no such thing as low-volatility progressive jackpot. If you’ve been following us closely, this should hint that you shouldn’t expect overwhelmingly positive results on a regular basis. The RNG is too great to be taken lightly.

Never Chase Your Losses – Take Gambling Seriously

We’ve all been there. It’s a gloomy day, you’re on a losing spree, and the only idea that comes to mind is to keep on playing. Well, that’s not actually such a good idea. Give the Random Number Generator some time.

Maybe it’s having a bad as well. It sounds superficial, but you should be aware that other slot players are doing exactly what you’re doing. If you’re in the race for a jackpot, tomorrow, the jackpot amount will be even bigger! You’re not missing out on anything if you take a step back, and relax, take a break, and come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! Basically, whenever is fine with you. We want a positive bankroll in the long-term!

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