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Online Slots Review – Secrets of Atlantis Slot Review by NetEnt

NetEnt’s Secrets of Atlantis slot was released in 2016, and features 5 reels, 40 paylines, free spins, wilds, scatters and a jackpot.

But is this slot for you? What’s the RTP? How much can you win? So many questions and so little time, so we’ve done the research for you and put together this online slots review for Secrets of Atlantis.

NetEnt is known for pumping out some of the best online slots available, so how does this one fair? Let’s get stuck into the Secrets of Atlantis slot review and find out.

Best Casino for the Secrets of Atlantis Slot

Since Secrets of Atlantis is such a new slot, it’s likely to feature at some of the best online casinos.
What makes for a casino to be considered the best? We put all online casinos through strict criteria to see if they come out on top. Consider playing with one of these to ensure you have the best experience:

Operator Bonus Play
Casumo Casino Review Casumo Casino Review 100% bonus up to £300 + 30 free spins Play
888casino Review 888casino Review Up to £1500 bonus
+ £88 No Deposit Bonus
or 100% up to £100
Mr Green Casino Review Mr Green Casino Review Up to £100
+ 200 Bonus Spins

The Ins and Outs of the Secrets of Atlantis Slot

secrets of atlantis slot

Knowing the mechanics behind a casino slot or a casino game is very important. Too often we find that players just choose random slots in order to strike it rich. Knowing information such as the below will help you in deciding as to whether Secrets of Atlantis is for you or not.

Slot Name Secrets of Atlantis
Reels 5
Developer NetEnt
Paylines 40
Progressive No
Free Spins Yes
Bet Range £0.20 – £200
Bonus Game No
Multiplier No
Jackpot No
Return to Player (RTP) 97.1%

Play Secrets of Atlantis Slot Now!

Hmm, not many boxes ticked so far, but for an online slot to have 40 paylines is very nice indeed, and in that regard the Secrets of Atlantis is one of the best online slots we have seen lately! More paylines equals a higher chance of winning; well, you’d think so anyway, wouldn’t you? Perhaps that’s why there are limited other features to this slot?

Either way, we’re not writing this one off from the very beginning. We like to go through each online slot in detail, to break everything down and weigh up our options.

Visually, the game is very captivating. There’s something very calming about water and this has been replicated into the underwater lost city of Atlantis very well by NetEnt.

The graphics are beautiful, clear and crisp, and the reels spin very fast!

In order to get the reels spinning, here’s a step process for you:

  1. Select the level for your bet. Min: 1. Max: 10. Default: 1
  2. Select your coin value. Min: 0.01. Max: 1.00. Default: 0.05
  3. Check your bet amount at the bottom of the screen to ensure you’re happy with your stake.
  4. Hit the spin button.
  5. Have fun!

Pay attention to the ‘autoplay’ feature if you would prefer to let the game play out without you being there for each spin. There are certain parameters you can choose to ensure the slot doesn’t spin through all your funds. You can also stop spinning after a certain number of rounds and when your bank increases/decreases by a certain amount.

BE WARNED: Clicking the ‘MAX BET’ button will spin the reels BEFORE you have the chance to review the bet amount. It will take stake the maximum stake of £200 or however how much you have left in your account. Do not click this unless you are completely certain.

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Symbols

The symbols in Secret of Atlantis mirror the underwater theme and are graphically beautiful. Unfortunately, this beauty doesn’t extend into the potential winning amounts, as can be seen from this table:

Symbol Min Coins
Max Coins
Pearl 20 400
Ruby 7 60
Emerald 6 60
Sapphire 5 50
Crab 3 15
Turtle 3 15
Jellyfish 3 15

It is a bit strange that NetEnt as one of the premium casino software providers has featured 3 symbols that have exactly the same payouts; this is rare for an online slot. But, as you can see, the real riches of Atlantis are the local pearls and the lost treasures in the rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Those poor, poor crabs, turtles and jellyfish!

A good thing, though, is that the paylines win from left to right AND from right to left. This isn’t always a common feature for online slots in that they usually only pay from left to right.

Secrets of Atlantis Slot RTP

The Secrets of Atlantis Slot RTP is 97.1% But what does this mean for you? If you’re a VIP high roller or an online casino regular, you’ll know what this is. If not, it means the return to player (RTP) amount that is fixed for the slot.

So, say you spun through £100 of your money. In theory, you should win £97.10 during those spins. Now, this isn’t a guaranteed event that’s going to occur deep in the water around Atlantis. No, no, no! You could, in fact, win at a much higher rate than this, or you could win absolutely nothing.

This is why the house always has the edge. The mechanics of all online slots are set so that over time, in the long run, and eventually, the house will ALWAYS win. And it’s all thanks to the RTP %.

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Review: Features

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Features

So now we’ve covered the basics of this online slot, it’s time to swim even deeper to search for some more treasure… or just get eaten by a shark…Secrets of Atlantis indeed offers some great online slot bonuses and special features, such as:

  • Highlight feature.
  • Re-spins.
  • Nudge wild.

Secrets of Atlantis Online Slot: Highlight Feature

Secrets of Atlantis Slot the Highlight Feature Even the highlight feature is visually beautiful. It’s depicted as a bordered white background with what appear to be snowflakes (?), but let’s call it a variation of an underwater plant. These will appear randomly when the reels are spinning.

They’ll only feature on reels 2, 3 and 4, and the aim is to for the highlights to feature vertically across the entirety of these three reels.

What happens then? The colossal symbol re-spins feature is triggered.

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Re-Spins

In the re-spins feature, reels 2, 3 and 4 will form one big reel with colossal symbols. You might be mistaken for this being a symbol of an actual Colossus, but you’ll be sadly let down. They’re just giant versions of the regular symbols and each covers a size of 3 x 4.

When the reels stop spinning, the colossal symbols will either stop fully or partially on the reel. If the colossal symbol covering reels 2, 3 and 4 is included in a payline with reels 1 and 5, then you win that payline. If the colossal symbol is fully highlighted (you know, with the underwater snowflakes), another re-spin kicks off.

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Nudge Wild

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Nudge Wild

The wild symbol in Secrets of Atlantis is a mermaid. The artwork again is particularly well done and continues the high-quality underwater imagery really well.

The cool thing about this wild feature is the nudge. You don’t get to nudge the wild symbol like you would on a fruit machine. Instead, if only a part of the mermaid wild symbol appears on a reel, it is nudged to cover the entirety of the reel.

Note that this wild feature can occur during the colossal re-spin feature.

Secrets of Atlantis Slot Hints

There’s clearly not a whole lot to Secrets of Atlantis, and so nothing unique to focus on in gaining an advantage. This is very much a ‘set and forget’ type of online slot; one that needs little intervention from the player.

We would always recommend that you follow these tips for any online slot experience, though:

Before gambling, ensure the amount in your bank is an amount that you’re willing to lose.
Decide on how you’re going to split that bank up BEFORE you start spinning. A good way of doing this is dividing your bank by 100. The result is the amount to stake for each spin.
If you’re wagering through a bonus, set the coin value to the minimum and the lines to the maximum. This will reduce variance and mean you won’t lose as much before triggering the bonus payout.
ALWAYS check the bet size before you start spinning. Mistakes can happen very easily.
If you stop having fun, stop gambling. This is the most important tip of all!

Secrets of Atlantis Slot: Conclusion

Although visually and audibly beautiful, we can’t help but feel that’s all Secrets of Atlantis has going for it. We were hoping that this online slots review would be full of new and cool features, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

This is more of a casual slot to play just for the sheer hell of it. But with the lack of any jackpots, a low payout value for the normal mode paylines, no free spins and no multipliers, there isn’t much to play against the RTP.

And that’s probably all it does have going for it, the RTP. At 97.1% it’s on the higher side compared to many online slots. The variance is also low, meaning it could be a contender to wager through a casino bonus offer. So, apart from the visuals, that’s sadly it.

Online Slots Review - Q&A

Most definitely! As we’ve mentioned with regards to RTP, there’s no guarantee that you’ll win or lose at the mathematical RTP %. It is very possible that you might hit the big time with a jackpot, or consecutive free spins and rewarding paylines. It is also possible that you’ll walk away from a slot with no winnings and no bank left.

The trick is to leverage an advantage by including a casino’s bonus with your online slot play. This swings what’s known as ‘EV,’ which stands for estimated value, in your favour. This occurs since many bonus offers don’t require you to risk your money, leaving any bonus winnings from the slot yours to withdraw. Look at for the bonus offers we feature on our site, as well as welcome and no deposit bonuses across the casinos.

Yes and no. The answer depends on your country. For example, if you’re in the UK then playing slots online is very legal, as long as the casino has a valid licence with the UK Gambling Commission. The UK legislation on online gambling, which includes casino slots, is very well regulated and strict. So, as a player within the UK’s shores, you’re safe to play slots online.

That depends on a number of factors. Foremost, the best online slots will feature on casino websites that have a licence with the UK Gambling Commission.

There are a number of other factors to take into account when deciding on what the best online slots are:

  • What’s the RTP %? Generally speaking, the higher the better.
  • Does the slot have bonus features such as jackpots, wilds and free spins?
  • Has the slot been developed by the best software developers? NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech are thought to be the best three.

Always choose the best-rated online casinos. We feature the best of the best across our reviews on our site. Ultimately, the casino you choose is up to you, but there are certain things we look for when carrying out our reviews:

  • Does the casino hold a valid UK gambling licence?
  • Is there a welcome bonus on offer?
  • What’s the VIP membership program?
  • Is the customer service level exceptional?
  • Are the online slots some of the most popular?
  • Positive online casino reviews across the board.
  • Does the casino accept alternative methods such as PayPal?