Starburst Online Slot Review – A Successful NetEnt Story

Written by Greg Last time updated 04/07/2023

There are 1,000s of online video slots, but no other online slot machine can match the success of Starburst. But, how? Why is it so popular? What is the reason behind this unparalleled success and why has no other slot machine managed to put it’s status at online casinos into question?

Besides the answers to these questions, we’re also going to point out several casinos that have a particular affinity with Starburst fans in this Starburst online slot review! We can’t make any promises, but there are a few no deposit Starburst free spin deals that might be of your interest.

starburst touch

Starburst Slot Free Spins, Bonus Spins & Promotions

Starburst is long past its days when it was a qualifying slot for tournaments and other types of competitions. However, you can still come across some bonuses at well established online casinos that like to take a trip down memory lane, by reactivating 1000s of players with a Starburst tournament. Remember to check if your depositing at an online PayPal casino, as it is the safest option.

Nevertheless, Starburst is undisputed when it comes to no deposit free spins at online casinos, that are offered to new players. Regardless of the nature of the casino, if there are sign up free spins, it’s highly likely that those are actually Starburst spins. And that’s not all, if you’re getting deposit bonus spins on your first deposit, you might get extra Starburst spins on top.

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Starburst is the Best Online Slot Machine

This is one of the most popular video slots available online. Developed by Swedish casino software providers – NetEnt, and marketed by hundreds of online casinos, it has the strongest foothold in the online gaming industry. It has left such a strong footprint, that we’re 100% positive it will be a common topic for a rather long period.

It promises prizes up to £50,000 and it’s in the spotlight at many online casinos when it comes to free spins and bonus spin offers.

Starburst Slot Brief Overview

Unlike many other video slots, this one is actually simple, both in terms of the design and the gameplay. Frankly speaking, it’s one of its strongest competitive advantages. Recently released online slot machines can be overwhelming at times with rather complex bonus features.

It comes with 10 paylines, but in practice, it’s actually 20, since this is a both-way pay slot. In other words, you can form a winning line both from left to right and from right to left. The symbols are based on slot classics, such as 7s, bars and the dazzling jewels, which have become synonymous with Starburst.

The audio can make you get carried away, mainly because it’s repetitive, but it’s nowhere near being dull. Another feature which turned Starburst into a legend is the simple and user-friendly interface. It looks great both on desktop and mobile. If you’re playing Starburst Touch on the go, expect to attract attention from the people sitting next to you.

Details About Starburst
Reels: 5
Developer: NetEnt
Paylines: 10
Progressive: No
Free Spins: 15 Free Spins
Bet Range: £0.01 – £100
Bonus Game: No
Multiplier: No
Jackpot: 250
Return to Player (RTP): 96.1%
Play Starburst!

Now, since Starburst is without a doubt one of the leading online slots, it’s popular among both new and experienced slot players. Therefore, stumbling upon some Starburst free spins is not all that uncommon. Below, you can find a few casinos which at the time of writing were offering Starburst Sign Up Bonus Spins.

How to Play Starburst? – Step by step

As we mentioned, the interface is easy to use, which we honestly can’t say about the majority of video slots. One of it’s best features is that you can actually set the number of coins per line, along with the size of the coin. Basically, it offers limitless betting options. In short, here are the recommended steps and the order in which you should make them.

  • Set Number of Coins per Line
  • Set the Coin Size
  • Spin the Reels!

Starburst Slot Fundamentals: Symbols and Return to Player (RTP)

Besides the colorful jewels, Starburst comes with the classic 7s and the BAR symbol, which unexpectedly, is the highest paying symbol in the game, with 250x the bet amount prizes. It may come off as a slot with modest payouts, but once you get “in charge of the Spin Button”, you’ll think otherwise.

That “Win Up to 50,000 Coins” translated into FIAT currency, or real money, amounts to £50,000, with a coin value of £1.00 each.

starburst paytable

Another symbol which you should dearly hope to see on the screen is the Starburst Wild. You can’t miss it, it’s this colorful jewel which takes the shape of a flower. It substitutes any other symbol to form a winning line, but it also expands to cover the entire reel and it grants another re-spin! Though, you should know that the maximum number of re-spins is limited to 3.

Starburst Slot Jackpot, Free Spins & Bonus Rounds

Unfortunately, besides the Starburst Wild, which is an amazing and rewarding bonus element, there aren’t any other bonus features. In spite of this, this game is a player favourite! It’s a low volatility slot and it’s basically the exact opposite of what passionate slot players are looking for.

Translated into simple words, passionate slot players are into slots with extremely rewarding bonus games. But bonus games which are almost impossible to activate. This Starburst slot, instead of bringing you rare but big prizes, gives you frequent mediocre wins. At the end of the day, it could put you in a profitable position.

Landing 2 re-spins basically seals the deal, as you’ll be having 3 Wild Reels in the middle of the grid. A Big or even a Mega win is almost guaranteed! Id NetEnt added another bonus game, or bonus feature, it would’ve only reduced the frequency of Starburst Wilds on the reels. And in all honesty, we can’t think of a better bonus feature that’s so simple, yet so rewarding. As for the graphics and audio, Starburst excels in both departments.

Where to Play the Starburst Online Slot with Bonuses Provided

Starburst is a rather popular slot, and we mean it. There basically isn’t an online casino without it in its game library. Except for casinos that are not EU or UK based, which shouldn’t be on your map. Since all online casinos offer Starburst, you should prioritise based on the bonus deals they offer to new customers, in particular Starburst free spins. Below, you can find a couple of great offers, which will give you a head start. You’ll be able to enjoy Starburst for free, on the house! Note: Pay attention to the bonus terms and conditions. The free spins are free, but they are subject to certain restrictions.

We Place Starburst in the Online Slots Hall of Fame!

It has “less is more” written all over it, except in the prize department. Starburst is a legendary video slot which is going to be featured for a pretty long time. In the past, several software providers tried to manipulate it’s popularity by placing it among other less popular slots, only to fail poorly. There are many rip-offs, but none of them are as good as the original, provided by the Swedish Software Developer – NetEnt. If you still haven’t tried Starburst, you should definitely do so, with free spins or without!

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