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Online Slots Review – Street Fighter II Slot Review

The Street Fighter II slot features 5 reels, 25 paylines, wilds, scatters and a tasty bonus game. Amaya Gaming managed to land a lucrative deal with Capcom to develop the Street Fighter II slot and released it to us lucky people in 2013.

We found it tough to carry out this online slots review for Street Fighter II without checking out old videos of the games arcade classic, Street Fighter. If you were around in the 1990s, no doubt you’ve spent some of your childhood trying to replicate Ryu’s Hadouken or Ken’s hurricane kick (aka. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku).

How successful is this extension of an arcade classic? In our Street Fighter II slot review, you get the chance to find out, just promise us you don’t go off and binge on the console game until you’ve finished reading this though 🙂

Street Fighter II Slot Review: Which Casino?

The Street Fighter II slot isn’t one of the most popular slots you’ll find across online casinos. As we go through this slots review you’ll start to build up a story why this is. But it does feature across some of the best online casinos.

Here’s our hotlist of the best slots online casinos that feature Street Fighter II; casinos that meet all our tight criteria:

Operator Bonus Play
888casino Review 888casino Review Up to £1500 bonus
+ £88 No Deposit Bonus
or 100% up to £100
InterCasino Review InterCasino Review 100% up to £100 Play
Dunder Casino Review Dunder Casino Review Up to £100 & 120 free spins Play
William Hill Casino Review William Hill Casino Review 100% Buy-in Bonus
up to £300
BetVictor Casino Review BetVictor Casino Review Wager £10 Get £50 Play
777 Casino Review 777 Casino Review 100% up to £200 plus 77 Free Spins OR Up to £1500 Welcome Package Play
PartyCasino Review PartyCasino Review 50 Spins on Starburst Slot Play

Street Fighter II Slot: How Does It Work?

Street Fighter II Slot

We’ll take you through the exact workings of Street Fighter II shortly. Here’s a handy reference point for all these details first:

Slot Name Street Fighter II
Reels 5
Developer Amaya Gaming
Paylines 25
Progressive No
Free Spins No
Bet Range £0.01 – £500
Bonus Game Yes
Multiplier No
Jackpot No
Return to Player (RTP) 95.34%
Play Street Fighter II Slot Now!

The first thing we noticed when Street Fighter II fired up was its nostalgic 1990s vibe and graphics. Despite being created much later in 2013, Amaya Gaming has done well to recreate the style from a couple of decades previous. Exceptional design solutions like this made the Amaya Gaming to be one of the player's favourite casino software providers.

Before you do anything, you get the cool choice of selecting your avatar. This is a choice from one of the following:

  • Ken
  • Ryu
  • Sagat
  • Chun-Li
  • Guile

Our favourite has to be Ryu… HADOUKEN! Your selection becomes the wild symbol and makes a difference for the bonus feature… more on these later!

Getting started in the slot is easy:

  1. Select the number of lines you wish to play across. Min: 1. Max: 25.
  2. Select the bet amount for each spin. Min: 1. Max: 20
  3. Check your “total bet” amount to make sure you’re OK with the amount.
  4. Click “spin” to start the game.

There’s also an “autoplay” option as well as a “bet max” feature. Autoplay is great if you just want a “set and forget” style of playing, where you can select the number of spins and walk away. Selecting the maximum bet button will just auto select the maximum amount you can wager; you can then select spin to start playing.

NOTE: Unlike the majority of other most popular online slots, you can’t set a coin amount per line. This reduces the amount you can bet but also reduces the amount you risk. There’s no huge advantage or disadvantage to this. You can still bet a sizeable maximum of £500.

Street Fighter II Slot Symbols

The highest-paying symbols are features from one of the main characters of the Street Fighter franchise. The others are lower-paying and are generic numbers and letters.

Here’s a table summarising these:

Symbol Min Coins
Max Coins
Vega’s mask and claw 5 5,000
Balrog’s boxing gloves 2 3,000
Dhalsim’s skull necklace 30 1,000
Chun-Li’s spiked bracelets 25 500
A or K 20 250
Q or J 15 200
10 or 9 10 100

Street Fighter II Slot RTP

The RTP for the Street Fighter II slot is 95.34%. This is probably considered on the low side when compared to some of the other most popular online slots.

In number terms, as an example, for every amount you stake, you should receive 95.34% of that stake back. So, by spinning through £100, you should see a return of £95.34. We’re sure you’re aware that this is guaranteed, though. The number of spins you need to go through to hit this RTP isn’t set in stone.

You could hit a big win on your very first spin, or you could go on a long losing streak where you don’t win anything. That’s the beauty of online slots and gambling; nothing is set in stone.

Street Fighter II Slot Review: Features

Along with the basic game we mentioned above, there are some extra features to the Street Fighter II slot that you should get excited about:

  • Scatter symbols.
  • Street Fighter bonus game.


The wild symbol for Street Fighter II is your chosen character before your latest spin and Bison. You’ll see that these two characters persist above the reels. If you managed to get either of these, they replace any of the featured symbols, apart from the scatter symbol.

These two reels are instrumental in Street Fighter II’s bonus game…

Bonus Game

If you look closely, you’ll notice that your chosen character sits above reel 2, and Bison is above reel 4. You need these two characters to appear on reels 2 and 4 respectively to trigger the bonus game. The characters will fill all lines on the two reels and the word “FIGHT!” (just as in the arcade game) will appear on your screen.

The remaining reels will spin and your character and Bison will face off in a street fight (no surprise there!) When the reels stop, the characters will land some hits on each other, and any winnings will be added to your balance. The street fighters’ health bars, which sit next to their avatars, will start to reduce as they get hit.

When one of the fighters’ bars is reduced to zero, the bonus game is over and a “K.O.” (again, like the arcade game) appears on the screen. If your player wins, you get a large win. If Bison wins, you get a smaller win.

The reels will then reset and you can keep on spinning as normal. This is one of the best slot bonuses this game has to offer.

Note that the winning lines in the bonus games payout at the same rate as they do in the regular game. There are no multipliers here, which is a shame. Although only 3 reels spin, the two fighting characters feature as wilds across the entirety of reels 2 and 4, making for potentially huge wins!

Scatter Symbols

Street Fighter II Bonus Features

The scatter symbol for the Street Fighter II slot is the game’s Street Fighter logo. The scatter symbol can appear multiple times across any reel and is not replaced by the wild symbols. You’ll need at least 2 scatters across any of the paylines in order to get a win from these.

The scatter payouts are as follows:

  • 2 symbols = 1 coin.
  • 5 symbols = 5 coins.
  • 4 symbols = 20 coins.
  • 5 symbols = 100 coins.

As you can see, the scatter symbols aren’t as lucrative as the regular spins, nor the wild symbols and bonus game; they’re just a nice little added bonus.

Street Fighter II Slot Tips and Tricks

This online slot is pretty straightforward and transparent. There aren’t any gamble features that you need to be aware of that might sway a win or RTP in your favour. Nor are there any hidden gems lurking in the background.

There are some basic online slot tips that you should take into account, no matter which slot you are playing:

Check all of the features of the game before you decide to start playing.
Double-check the bet amount BEFORE you hit the spin button.
Only have an amount in your casino account that you’re willing to lose.
Decide BEFORE you start playing how much you’re going to risk.

A good way to split your gambling pot is to divide it across multiple casinos, your bank account and PayPal; this way, you can’t easily gamble your funds away all at once.

Only gamble your funds when you’re in a stable and focused mental state; this will help to remove any emotion from playing online slots. Remember, slots are meant to be fun, not a last-ditch attempt to win loads of money.

Street Fighter II Slot: Conclusion

It’s awesome to see that the arcade game classic lives on in another form. We like how the developer has integrated the game platform of a one-on-one fight into the bonus feature.

The RTP is lacking and could be a little better. Being considered a bit on the low side, at 95.34%, might be putting off a lot of casual and VIP players. If you’re looking to wager through a bonus requirement in order to receive the bonus, you should look for a slot with a higher RTP. If you’re a VIP, there’s no jackpot to whet your appetite.

Although there aren’t many bonus features to this slot, we’re happy to give this online slot review a positive ending. The Street Fighter franchise is a cult classic and one that is here to stay. This Street Fighter II slot review shouldn’t take away from that fact; so if you enjoy the genre and theme, there’s nothing for us to say you should completely steer clear of this slot.

Online Slots Review - FAQs

Yes. Every time you spin the reels, you have a chance of winning and walking away in profit. The trick to improving your chances of winning money playing online slots is to always leverage a casino’s bonus. This can be in the form of a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus, as examples.

This means that you’re not risking as much, or any, of your own money, and are swaying the positive EV (estimated value) in your favour. Without using a bonus, the longer you spin for, the greater the chance you have of seeing a return that is the equivalent of the stated RTP.

Yes, for the most part. It depends on the laws specific to the country you’re in at the time. Online gambling, in general, is considered legal across most of the developed world. However the specific laws vary from country to country. To be safe, consult your country’s authorities.

All online casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and should display their licence number on their website. If it’s not visible or if they can’t confirm their licence number, stay away.

This is unique to each individual since we all have different tastes. Many online slot players have a go-to slot. Some of the most popular are Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Jackhammer. If you’re unsure which to choose, here are some things to look out for:

  • Slots that feature across multiple review sites.
  • Choose a slot that we’ve featured on our site.
  • Look for slots that exist across multiple popular casinos.
  • Try and go for a slot with a high RTP %.
  • Look for slots that have a jackpot.

We recommend that you choose an online casino that features in our reviews. We take into account features such as RTP, jackpots, customer service levels, a UKGC licence, as well as other factors. There are so many casinos that you can choose to play online slots with, just be careful to not just join the first casino you fine. Look out for the most popular online casinos and those that offer bonuses.